Those who have established disability by the National Insurance Institute are entitled to a 33% discount on the price of train travel when they purchase 6 rides on their personal travel pass "Rav Kav."
An equivalent discount is given to the disabled on buses, the Jerusalem light rail and the Metrobus.
The blind and visually impaired are entitled to a full exemption
For additional information, see the Israel Railways English website

  • Certificate of Disability holders, as well as those who have established disability by the National Insurance Institute (even if they don't have a certificate of disability), are entitled to a 33% trip discount when they purchase a 6 trip pass.
  • The discount is given only to those who have a personal travel pass ("rav kav").
  • Additionally, people with disabilities are entitled to a discount on buses, the light rail and the Metrobus.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • A Rav Kav should be issued and updated with discount.
  • In order to get the discounted Rav Kav, ID and a certificate of disability/proof of disability should be brought to a travel pass (rav kav) purchasing station:
  • At the issuing station you are photographed, fill out request forms and get the card on the spot (you can download the request form from the National Transportation website and fill it out prior to arriving at the service station).
  • The discount will be given when the card is loaded, according to the updated personal eligibility profile on the card.
  • The initial issuance of the card is free of charge.
Those travel on a Rav Kav in major metropolitan areas (Gush Dan, Haifa and Jerusalem) are eligible to transfer within 90 minutes to a different line, on any form of public transportation for the cost of a single ride.

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