Those who have been determined to have permanent disabilities and are transferring their lease rights on a property, may be eligible for an Israel Lands Administration consent fee exemption or discount
The exemption is granted for the amount of 30,000NIS (it is linked to the CPI as published in April 1992)
For more information, see the Israel Land Authority website.

Those transferring leasing rights on non-capitalized assets, for whom a permanent disability has been determined, may be eligible for an Israel Lands Administration consent fee exemption or discount.

  • The consent fee exemption can be up to 30,000 NIS and is linked to the Israeli CPI published in 1992.
  • Eligibility for the benefit is only granted one time to those eligible..

Who is Eligible?

Any person interested in having a medical disability (general) established by the National Insurance Institute without submitting a claim for a disability benefit, can request from the Tax Authority to be checked by the Income Tax Exemption Medical Committee. For example: A man who became ill with an illness that causes disability after he reached retirement age and therefore can not submit a disability benefit (due to his age), but he would like to receive the benefits that are afforded to those with medical disabilities (that are not contingent on receiving a disability benefit.

How to Claim It?

  • The request for exemption or discount should be submitted on the application form
  • The relevant documents must be included on the application, depending on each case:
    • Confirmation that permanent disability was determined by a medical committee (or appeals committee) by the relevant body (Ministry of Defense, the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Finance, etc.).
    • Confirmation from The National Insurance Institute, that the applicant is eligible for a General Disability Pension.
    • Confirmation from the Ministry of Health that applicant has limited mobility.
  • The application form should be submitted to the permits office of the local Israel Lands Authority branch

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