Children eligible for free education, who are home bound for more than 21 consecutive days due to doctor's orders are entitled to free education support at home
Children who are home-bound for more than 4 weeks due to illness or health impairment are also entitled to free education support at home. (The number of weeks in treatment or home bound are considered one period, as long as four weeks have not passed between any two periods of time.)
For additional information see the Portal for Parents of Special Needs Children on the Ministry of Education website.

According to The Free Education for Sick Children Law, children who are ill and must stay home for an extended period of time are entitled to education at home.

  • The support is provided free of charge to home-bound students throughout Israel with the goal of helping them fill the educational gaps that come from extended absences from their regular educational frameworks.
  • As of 01.01.2015, the World ORT organization provides the educational support to ill children.

Who is Eligible?

  • They are confined to their home for more than 21 consecutive days in accordance with doctor's orders.
  • They are suffering from a disease or health impairment that requires them to be a home bound, as prescribed by a doctor, for a period exceeding four weeks, when the number of weeks in treatment or the number of weeks home bound stem from the same disease or health impairment. The number of weeks in treatment or home bound are considered one period, that is, there may not be more than four weeks between two periods of time.
  • They are absent from more than 50% of in class learning hours because of prolonged treatment in a hospital out patient clinic (hospitalization without sleeping over in the hospital for cancer treatment, Dialysis, psychiatric treatment etc).

How to Claim It?

  • The director of the child's educational framework must request approval from the child's parents to request educational assistance for the child.
  • After receiving parental consent, the director will request for assistance by submitting the Request Form for Educational Services for Homebound Ill Children to "Kadima Mada - World ORT".
  • In order to receive the assistance, the parents must provide the following documentation:
  1. In cases of mental health issues - A recommendation from a psychologist or psychiatrist confirming a required recovery period and recommending that the child stay at home during this period.
  2. Medical documentation detailing the illness.
  3. Medical documentation indicating a doctor's recommendation for recovery at home for the duration of the absence.

Please Note

  • The child's school or daycare is responsible for his/her studies and for building a curriculum.
  • Students who return to school and daycare after an extended absence for medical reasons are eligible to receive enrichment classes, tutoring and educational guidance through the Ministry of Education's "sick hours" basket. For more information see Aid for Children Returning to the Educational System After a Prolonged Illness.
  • A child that is home-bound for an extended period of time and is unable to take his/her bagruyot exams in the school because of his/her medical condition is entitled to take the exams at home. For more information see Bagruyot Matriculation Exams for Home-Bound Students.

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