Kupot Cholim policyholders can purchase drugs that have a digital prescription at any pharmacy, even if the pharmacy doesn't have an arrangement with the policyholder's kupat cholim
Prices of the prescription drugs may be lower at a pharmacy that has an arrangement with the Kupat Cholim
For more information see the National Health Insurance Law amendment

As of 11.02.2019, policyholders who received a digital prescription from a doctor in their Kupat Cholim can purchase the drug at any pharmacy and are not restricted to pharmacies that have an agreement with their Kupat Cholim.

Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone who is insured by a Kupat Cholim who has a digital prescription from a Kupat Cholim doctor (ie the prescription is listed in the Kupat Cholim's computerized records).

How to Claim It?

  • Go to the pharmacy of your choice and present your magnetic Kupat Cholim card.
  • If the policyholder is purchasing the drug at a pharmacy that does not have an arrangement with his Kupat Cholim, the pharmacist is obligated to tell him so and explain that the price of the drug will probably be cheaper in a pharmacy that does have an agreement with his Kupat Cholim.

Please Note

  • Kupot Cholim can give a discount on the purchase of drugs to their policyholders at pharmacies that they have an arrangement with and they are not obligated to give the same discounts at pharmacies that they do not have arrangements with.
  • Pharmacies have to have a clear sign next to the pharmacist's counter stating which Kupot Cholim they have an agreement with. If the pharmacy doesn't have an agreement with any Kupot Cholim that has to be written explicitly. The sign must be written in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian.
  • The law does not require pharmacies that do not have an agreement with the Kupat Cholim to issue medications via a digital prescription, but it does require the Kupot Cholim to allow these pharmacies access to the prescriptions.

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