Dyslexia is a reading disorder characterized by difficulties reading, spelling, and with verbal or written expression.
The disorder is expressed through difficulties mastering age-appropriate reading skills; slow reading; mistakes and difficulty comprehending reading material; as well as reading planning stages; and handling and understanding long texts.
This page presents the rights and benefits given to a person with dyslexia.

The Healthcare System

Diagnosis and Paramedical Treatments


Matriculation Examination (Bagrut) Accommodations

Psychometric Testing Accommodations

  • Students with learning disabilities may take the Psychometric Test under modified conditions if their request is approved. For more information see: Psychometric Testing Accommodations.

Post-Secondary School Accommodations




Certification Examination Accommodations

Additional Information

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Laws & Regulations

Additional publications


  • Original translation performed by The Shira Pransky Project as part of a grant from The Fellowship Fund.
  • Original informaton was written with the assistance of the Organisation Nitzan, and its booklet "Students with Learning Disabilities" published by the Ministry of Education.