Early School Registration for Accessibility Modification Purposes (Right)

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If parents or students require physical accessibility at an educational institution, they are entitled to early school registration in order to allow for accessibility modifications to be performed in time
For more information, click here to view a circular from the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • If parents or students require physical accessibility at an educational institution where the child will be enrolled (in either the regular or special education system), they may register the child before the official registration date in order to allow for accessibility modifications to be performed in time.
  • This right includes all forms of school registration including registration for: kindergarten; first grade; transitional registration from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school; registration at a new school due to a move; etc.
  • Early registration may take place from June of the year prior to the school year for which the child is being registered, meaning 15 months prior to the beginning of the relevant school year.
A child with a wheelchair started first grade in the 5774 school year (September 2013). This child's parents were entitled to register him for that school year starting from June 2012 in order to allow the school to have enough time to perform any required accessibility modifications.
  • Physical accessibility modifications include the following, among others:
    • Elevator accessibility
    • Bathroom accessibility
    • Accessible building access
    • Play yard and facility accessibility
    • Acoustic ceilings
    • Any other relevant modification of the school's built environment

Who is Eligible?

  • Parents or students requiring that physical accessibility modifications be performed at an educational institution due to physical limitations.

How to Claim It?

  • Those wishing to register a child early must inform their local authority's department of education.
  • At the department of education a form indicating the parent's preferred educational institution and the required modification (if known) must be filled out.
  • If required, relevant documentation must be attached.
  • If the local authority is not aware of the right to early registration, call Nissim Moalem at the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities: 02-6549571

Please Note

  • The early registration described above is only intended for children or parents requiring physical accessibility modifications. For accessibility modifications that are not physical in nature, early registration is not required.
  • The local authority is required to place every student solely according to regular pedagogical and administrative considerations, without the need to perform accessibility modifications playing a role in the placement determination process.
  • Early registration is a right, not an obligation. Parents do not have to take advantage of early registration for these purposes, but it will increase the chances of the educational institution being made accessible in time.

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