Children who are hospitalized are entitled to free education
Education for hospitalized children is provided through schools operated by the Ministry of Education in the hospitals
For more information see the Parents of Special Needs Children portal on the Ministry of Education website.

According to The Free Education for Sick Children Law, children who are hospitalized are entitled to free education.

  • Education for hospitalized children is provided through schools operated by the Ministry of Education in the hospitals.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Through its Special Education Division, the Ministry of Education is fully responsible for operating educational frameworks for hospitalized children.
  • Curricula for hospitalized students are generally personalized educational programs (תח"א) corresponding to the student's school curriculum prior to hospitalization.
  • The student, parents, teachers at the hospital and educators from the student's school all play a role in determining the personalized educational program.


  • The Kav-Or - Distance Learning for Children in Hospitals system is also integrated into some hospital educational frameworks.
  • Kav-Or is a computer educational program for hospitalized children.
  • The program helps hospitalized children through educational, enrichment and relaxation activities, as well as constructive distraction. The children come to classrooms in the children's wards where, using Kav-Or computers, they navigate special menus and a website built specially for them.
  • The service is provided at no cost for hospitalized children between the ages of 3 and 21.
  • The program operates in a number of hospitals across Israel. For a map and list of locations in English, click here.
  • Teachers from the Ministry of Education initiate contact with the organization on behalf of hospitalized children so there should be no reason for the children or their families to have to do so.

Please Note

  • The responsibility for the child's education and the building of a learning plan is on the child's school or kindergarten.
  • Children that return to school and kindergarten after a prolonged absence for medical reasons, are entitled to enrichment classes, tutoring and educational support from the Ministry of Education's "sick hours" basket. For more information, see Aid for children returning to school after a prolonged illness.
  • A student who is hospitalized is entitled to take the bagrut tests according to the schedule set by the Ministry of Education. If the student is unable to take the test i the school because of his/her medical condition, he/she is permitted to take the test in the hospital's educational framework. For more information see Bagrut Tests for Hospitalized Students.

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