Those who receive a Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) at a rate of at least 112% are entitled to a discount of 50% on their electricity bill the first 400KwH each month
One should confirm that the eligible recipient of the discount is listed as the customer on the contract with the electric company
For more information, see the Israel Electric Company website

As of 01.05.2012, Those who receive the Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) at higher rates are entitled to an electricity bill discount.

  • The discount is given every month and is worth 50% off the first 400KwH of usage each month (Due to the fact that the electricity bill comes every two months, the discount is given for 800KwH of usage on each bill), at the residential rates, and is valid for homes that are used for residential purposes only.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Every month, the National Insurance Institute sends an updated list of those who are eligible to the electric company.
  • The National Insurance Institute also sends a notification of eligibility to everyone who is eligible.
  • The discount is only given automatically on the electricity bill for those whose information appearing in the electric company's records matches the information received from the National Insurance Institute (the parent who is registered as actually receiving the benefit The discount is given according to the name and identification number of the person who is entitled, as he/she is registered on the contract with the electric company.
  • Those who fit the criteria of eligibility for the discount, but for whom the discount has not yet appeared on the electricity bill, should call the customer service center by dialing 103 and update with the representative their details (name and identification number) to accord with their contract number (the number appears on the electric bill). If the contract is registered to another person, that person must request that the contract be transferred.

Eligible recipients who do not live in a private residence

  • Some benefit recipients live in non-private housing (nursing home, hostel, kibbutz, etc.), where a sub-meter is installed which records the electricity consumption for their housing unit.
  • In these cases, the recipient should contact the housing management so that they can discuss with the electric company how the discount can be applied.

Request to transfer a contract on behalf of the eligible recipient

  • If the eligible discount recipient is unable to request independently the transfer of the contract in his name, a fax must be sent to the electric company: ‎03-7131899 .
  • The fax should indicate that it is a request to transfer the contract in the name of the person eligible to receive the discount, an specify the following information:
    • Contract number appearing on the electric bill
    • Full name and identification number of the person who is eligible to receive the discount (the benefit recipient)
    • Phone number of the eligible recipient or relative
    • Name and signature of the current customer whose name is on the contract
  • Photocopy of guardian appointment order, if applicable
  • If there is a standing order payment and the applicant is interested in keeping the same payment details, this should be indicated.
  • In order to verify that the fax was received, wait ten minutes and then call the 103 customer service center.
  • The request will be processed within two business days.

Please Note

  • The maximum discount amount is 110 NIS per month, and 220 NIS per bi-monthly bill (as of January 2017).
  • The discount will appear on the bill in the section that breaks down the components of the bill under a separate heading titled "discount for the those eligible." That section will cite the amount of the discount that was subtracted from the bill.
  • In the body of the bill, the calculations of the discount are detailed; the number of KwH (the electricity measurement) that the discount was given on and the rate charged per KwH.
  • A sample electricity bill (click on the image to see the full bill):

קישור=מדיה:הנחה בחשבון חשמל.pdf

  • You may ask to get your electricity bill monthly instead of once every other month
  • Likewise you can call the 103 hotline and clarify if there are other ways to make payment easier such as:
    • the ability to pay your electricity bill using payment vouchers
    • limiting your electric use through pre-paying the electric meter for long periods of time
    • Facilitating debt arrangements for consumers with financial difficulties by eliminating interest rates and collection costs

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