Patients released from the hospital, people age 85 and above, and other patients may be eligible for a permit to employ a foreign nursing care worker even if they do not meet the usual criteria
For more information see: Criteria for issuing a permit to employ a foreign nursing care worker (part 3) on the immigration authority website.

In the exceptional cases detailed below, patients who do not meet the relevant criteria, are still eligible to receive a permit to employ a foreign nursing care worker after their case is discussed by a professional advisory committee.

Who is Eligible?

  • Patients who scored between 2.5 and 4.5 points on the dependency test (ADL), of which at least 0.5 points are in the movement section, and for whom at least one of the following conditions applies:
  • The patient lives with another person with disabilities in the family.
  • The patient has intellectual developmental disabilities and lives with a parent who is over age 70.
  • The patient has at least three children below the age of 16.
  • The patient has a malignant disease or serious illness and requires supervision for most of the day
  • Patients about to be released from the hospital:
  • Patients who are about to be released from the hospital or nursing facility and receive a medical diagnosis which indicates the need for continuity of care, will receive a permit for a maximum of 3 months.
  • This permit allows for the employment of a foreign worker who is lawfully in Israel, but not for one to be brought from abroad.
  • In order to extend the permit, the regular conditions of eligibility must be met.
  • For more information see, Employing a Foreign Care Giver After Release from a Hospital or Nursing Institution
  • Patients who are dependent on the Ministry of Defense's Rehabilitation Branch (for example bereaved IDF parents and widows).
  • Seniors age 85 and above that don't meet the regular eligibility criteria.

How to Claim It?

  • A patient who is released from the hospital should also submit a request for a patient who is being released from the hospital or nursing institution form (Form 5 in the general form).
  • Those who are cared for by the Ministry of Defense's Rehabilitation Branch should attach confirmation that they are being treated by the branch as well as medical documentation indicating their medical condition.
  • Seniors age 85 and above should attach up-to-date medical documentation proving that their medical condition requires nursing care for most hours of the day.
  • The professional advisory committee will assess each request and will recommend to the general director whether or not there is a need for a foreign nursing care worker.
  • The committee may request to see medical tests, additional medical or social work opinions and any other documentation relevant to deciding about the request.

Please Note

  • Provision of a permit in exceptional cases is subject to the discretion of the relevant authorities.

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