All emergency room patients are entitled to undergo a medical examination performed by a doctor

Anyone who goes to the emergency room/department of emergency medicine is entitled to be examined by a doctor.

If the examining physician finds that the patient requires urgent care, the required care must be provided by the doctor who examined the patient or by another qualified medical professional.

If it is not possible to treat the patient in the medical facility in which the examination was performed, yet urgent care is required, the doctor must refer the patient to an appropriate medical facility and ensure that transfer of the patient to that facility is in accordance with the relevant procedures. This refers to objective circumstances that prevent the facility from providing the required treatment due to a lack of proper equipment, materials, expertise, etc. A workers' strike, for example, does not fit these criteria.

Who is Eligible?

  • All patients.

How to Claim It?

  • When in the emergency room, every patient has the right to demand to be examined by a doctor.

Please Note

  • The order in which emergency room patients are treated is established by the medical staff based on medical and other considerations.

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