Parents who have a child on the autistic spectrum who has not received an automatic exemption from army service, may submit a request to receive such an exemption
After receiving an exemption the individual may volunteer for the IDF or become a volunteer through National Civil Service

In general, around age 17, an initial draft notice is sent to anyone who is designated for national military service (משל"ב).

  • The National Insurance Institute sends the IDF medical information about those who are designated for national military service that impacts the drafting process and service track.
  • There are 3 types of letters that those who are designated for national military service and are on the autistic spectrum may receive:
    • A summons to a medical committee in which the draftee is present
    • A summons to a medical committee without the draftee present
    • A notification of an automatic exemption
  • For more information and details about a pilot program in which there is an exemption before the initial draft order see the ALUT website.

The Process of Requesting an Exemption

  • Every initial draft notice will include the address of the recruitment office to which the draftee belongs. The following documents must be sent to this office:
    • The draftee's autism diagnosis
    • An up-to-date letter from a doctor confirming the diagnosis
    • A summary of the National Insurance Institute decisions
    • A summary of the placement committee
    • A letter detailing the exemption request with an attached in absentia process request and details including: full name of the draftee, identification number, parents’ information, telephone etc.
  • A response will be sent to the parents requesting approval to perform the process in absentia but the official exemption will not be granted until the draftee turns 18 years old.
  • If it is decided to conduct the process in the presence of the draftee, he/she will be ordered to appear before a medical review board.
    • Parents are not automatically invited to the committee.
    • If the parents wish to be present at the medical review board, they must submit a request to the relevant recruitment office.

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