Beginning on 01.05.2017, the maximum parking fee that government hospitals can charge is 20 NIS for up to 24 hours from the time the parking lot was entered.
No parking fees can be taken from people with a disabled parking permit, dialysis patients, those receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments, parents of Premature Infants, and other visitors as described below
For more information see the Ministry of Health Circular no. 01/2017

The Ministry of Health Circular that went into affect on 01.05.2017 established general rules regarding parking fees in parking lots of government general hospitals.

  • The rules apply to parking areas operated directly by the hospital and those operated by subcontractors.
  • The maximum amount that can be charged in these lots is 20 NIS for a 24 hour time period; without any limitation on the number of entries and exits from the hospital during that time period.
  • Additionally there are specific populations that are exempt from all parking fees (see more information below).
There are certain hospitals that are not government hospitals, including some private hospitals, that give parking arrangements and/or exemptions to certain populations (for example cancer patients) so it is recommended to clarify this directly with the specific hospital.

List of government general hospitals

Who is Eligible?

  • Patients, their family members and other visitors to government hospitals, will pay a maximum of 20 NIS for 24 hours from when they first entered the parking lot.

Populations Eligible for a Parking Fee Exemption

  • The following groups of people are eligible for the exemption (the exemption is give for one vehicle only):
    • Ambulatory (outpatient) dialysis patients and their companions
    • Cancer Patients (undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment) and their companions
    • Other ambulatory patients who must come to the hospital at least twice per week for at least a month from the beginning of treatment
    • Parents of hospitalized Premature Infants
    • Disabled parking permit holders
    • Family members of hospitalized soldiers, according to an attached request approval from the Medical Liaison Unit (HAYAKAR) (RAM 2)
    • On-duty military vehicles driven by a soldier in uniform
    • Any vehicle parked for any purpose, for less than 30 minutes
    • Taxis and ambulances that are picking up or dropping off patients
    • Recognized volunteer organizations that are helping patients receive treatments in the hospital, after they have been approved by the hospital.
    • Ministry of Health employees with the relevant credentials
    • Families who have received a special recommendation from the hospital's Social Services Department
    • Additional cases, according to the decision of the hospital director

How to Claim It?

  • Every government hospital is required to inform the public of the:
    • parking fee
    • discounts
    • eligibility for a parking fee exemption
    • details of the operator responsible for the parking lot in the medical center
    • how to find out about the ability to get an exemption or discount for parking fees for patients and their families.
  • The information should appear on the general informational material given to patients and their families, be posted on signs at the hospital parking lot entrances and exits and be publicized on the hospital's internet page.

Please Note

  • In cases where the daily parking rate at the medical center is lower than the prices used in adjacent private parking lots, the Ministry of Health may allow the medical center collect payment for hourly parking or with a different method, in order to prevent the use of the parking lot for those not going to the medical center.
  • Some of the Health-Funds allow Cancer Patients to chose the Hospital where they receive treatment. For more information check Health Plan Choice of Service Provider Arrangements to ascertain what policyholders are entitled to.

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