Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain throughout the musculoskeletal system, joints and bones, with no inflammatory background. Other symptoms may include sleep disturbances, fatigue, general morning stiffness, headaches, difficulty concentrating and memory (cognitive disorders) difficulties, dizziness, numbness in the hands, abnormal body temperature (up to 37.5 ° C), as well as a sensitivity to light, smell, temperature changes and more.

Medication and the Health Care System

Disability and Pensions

  • Fibromyalgia is not on the list of illnesses and disorders for which rates of medical disability are determined (general disability or workplace disability) according to the addition to the National Insurance Regulations (Level of Disability for Workplace Accident Victims).
  • Nevertheless people can have medical disability established because of fibromyalgia:
    • Amendment 14 of the regulations states that a disorder that is not on the list can have disability established for it at the same rate as a disorder the committee thinks is similar to it.
    • According to this amendment, the National Insurance Institute medical committee has sometimes determined that those with fibromyalgia have the same level of medical disability as those with anemia (because the diseases have similar consequences).
  • In other cases, disability rates are also determined based on a different effect of the syndrome (for example, a defect in the loco-motor system).
  • General Disability Pension:
  • There are certain rights that are given to those with medical disability, even if they are not eligible for the disability pension.
  • There may be cases of compensation claims from different agencies because of disability, where a causal relationship is found between the onset of fibromyalgia and a traumatic event or accident.
Road Accident Victims that developed fibromyalgia because of the accident and were granted compensation from their insurance companies, or soldiers who developed fibromyalgia because of the circumstances of their service and the Ministry of Defense has recognized them as disabled IDF soldiers.

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