A dependents' supplement is paid for the spouse and children of a General Disability Pension recipient in accordance with the conditions of eligibility
The supplement for children is not dependent on the salary of the spouse that receives the benefit
The supplement is paid for a spouse whose salary is not above 6,014 NIS, gross, (as of 2022) and he/she doesn't receive any other additional benefits.
For more about about the supplements for partners and children see the National Insurance Institute website

A dependents' supplement is paid for the spouse and children of a General Disability Pension recipient in accordance with the conditions of eligibility detailed below.

  • A the full supplement is paid in the following cases:
    • One who has a full established incapacity of (100% or 75%)
    • One who has a partial established incapacity (either 74%,65% or 60%) and is employed earning more than 2,216 NIS, gross, per month as of 2022.
  • A partial supplement is paid, in varying degrees, when the recipient has established a degree of partial incapacity (either 74%,65% or 60%) and is unemployed or who is employed and earning less than 2,216 NIS per month (as of 2022).
  • A person receives a disability allowance for a rate of 60% and is eligible for a supplemental payment for his spouse and children:
    • If he is unemployed, he is eligible for 60% of the total supplemental payment for his spouse and child.
    • If he begins to work and earns 1,966 NIS, gross, he is still entitled to the supplemental payment of 60%.
    • If he begins to work and earns 3,236 NIS, gross, he will be eligible for the full supplemental payment amount.

Who is Eligible?

  • General Disability Pension recipients with dependents:
    • Those with children receive a supplement for the first two children. The supplement for children is not dependent on the salary of the spouse that receives the benefit
    • Those whose spouse's income does not exceed 6,014 NIS, gross, (as of 2022), and whose spouse does not receive any other allowance, receives a spousal supplement payment.
  • A man receives a disability pension of 74% (2,522 NIS) and is married with 3 children.
  • He works and earns 2,716 NIS, gross.
  • His wife earns over 6,014 NIS, gross, so he is therefore entitled to a dependents supplement for only 2 of his children.
  • Because he earns over 2,216 NIS, he receives the full dependents' supplement amount of 1,909 NIS (954 x 2).
  • A housewife receiving a General Disability Pension is entitled to a supplement for her children but not for her husband.
  • Same-sex couples are considered "couples" for this issue and are entitled to the supplement as long as they meet all other criteria.
  • In a case where both parents are eligible for a disability pension, the child's supplement will be paid to one of them. If the parents are divorced the dependent's supplement will be pay to the parent that has custody.
  • Rate of the Supplement (as of 2022):

    Level of Incapacity Supplement for each child (up to 2 children) Spousal Supplement
    Full 954 NIS 1,192 NIS
    74% 706 NIS 882 NIS
    65% 620 NIS 775 NIS
    60% 572 NIS 715 NIS

    Reduction for Income that does not come from Employment

    • Those who receive a General Disability Pension Dependents' Supplement and have an income that does not come from employment will have that income amount deducted from their dependents' supplement. In any case the benefit amount after the reduction has to be at least as much as the full allowance amount for an individual (3,700 NIS).
    • Please note: for the period between 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022, unearned income up to 1,200 NIS will not be deducted (see section 202(b)(3) of the law).
    • Income that doesn't come from employment such as: pension, stipend (including a stipend for someone who is learning full-time), income from property, profits from investments, other allowances from the National Insurance Institute or any other agent, including alimony being paid to the allowance recipient (alimony paid to her for her children will not be deducted from the supplemental allowance she receives for her children).
    • Between 01.03.2020-31.12.2022, unemployment payments are considered to be earned income.
      • Non-work income is also considered the income of the self-employed that does not exceed 15% of the average wage (1,583 NIS per month, as of 2022), if they are engaged in their occupation less than 12 hours a week.
    • A woman receives the full disability allowance (3,700 NIS), and is entitled to a dependents' supplement for her 2 children (1,908 NIS).
    • She receives a total of 5,608 NIS a month which includes her disability pension plus the dependents supplement.
    • She also receives alimony (that is not for her children) in the amount of 1,000 NIS per month.
    • The alimony amount is subtracted from the dependents supplement amount, and therefore the supplement amount will be 908 NIS.
    • The total pension she will receive (the full disability pension plus the decreased supplement amount) is 4,608 NIS).
    • Between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2022 the alimony paid to her won't be deducted from her dependents supplement because it is less than 1,200 NIS.
    • A man receives the full disability allowance (3,700NIS) and is entitled to a dependents' supplement for his wife (1,192 NIS).
    • He receives a total pension of 4,892 NIS which includes the pension plus the dependents supplement.
    • He has in his possession an apartment that he rents out for 2,000 NIS a month.
    • The amount deducted because of the income from the apartment will be 1,1192 NIS, such that the pension he receives after the deduction will be at least the amount of the full pension amount that he receives as a single.
    • Between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2022 he will only have 800 NIS deducted because up to 1,200 NIS unearned income is not deducted.

    How to Claim it?

    • To obtain additional payment for spouses and children, fill out the completion of payment information with additional information with respect to a spouse or children of the applicant, at the time of filing a claim for a disability pension (in addition to the claim form).
    • The supplement is paid to eligible recipients as part of the disability pension they receive.
    • If the son/ daughter of the couple would like to receive the supplement directly into their bank account, they must complete and submit a Claim Form to the payment of additional dependent son/ daughter of the couple eligible for disability benefits.
    • If divorced parents are both entitled to a disability pension, the dependents supplement is paid to the parent that has custody.
    • The process is outlined in the diagram below:
    Before eligibility for the disability benefit is established and until it is received a person can check if he/she is eligible for income support

    Continued eligibility for families of prisoners

    • The law stipulates that if a recipient of an allowance is imprisoned for 3 months or more, the payment of the allowance and the dependents supplements are stopped.
    • However, following the determination of the National Labor Court, if before the imprisonment of the recipient of a disability pension, the benefit was distributed and the supplement for the children was transferred directly to the spouse of the recipient, the dependents supplement is continued to be paid for the children.
    • For additional information see the National Insurance institute circular from 22.04.2015].

    Please Note

    • If the claim for the dependents supplement is submitted separately from the main claim for disability pension, it is important to submit it within 12 months from the date of eligibility, because the payment can only be received up to 12 months retroactively from the date of application for the supplement.

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