Everything important to know in preparation for appointing a guardian and the decision-making process in situations of incompetence or inability

The institution of guardianship is meant to avoid situations in which people who cannot manage their own affairs are left without protection. The court will appoint a guardian if necessary. In addition, a fully functioning person can prepare in advance for a future situation in which he may not be able to make decisions, by giving a continuous power of attorney to another person and even giving advance instructions to a future guardian if appointed. You can also appoint a "decision supporter" in order to help the person make the decisions himself instead of appointing guardians who make the decisions in his place. All of these processes are accompanied by rights and obligations for both parties, and it is important to recognize them.

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Government Agency Website Rights and areas of responsibility
The Ministry of Justice- The Guardian General Guardian General Oversight of legal guardians, including receiving updates from the guardians, digital courses for legal guardians in conjunction with Israel Digital, registering continued power of attorney and more
Service and information center for the supervision of guardians - the Guardian General center page on the Ministry of Justice's website Answers to inquiries and questions regarding guardianship
The Ministry of Justice- Equal Rights Commission for Persons with Disabilities

Telephone: ‎*6763

Equal Rights Commission for Persons with Disabilities Resource for people with disabilities, their families and professionals in the field. The Commission website contains laws, regulations, publications and architectural drawings, relating to people with disabilities
The Ministry of Justice - Supported Decision Making טלפון ‎055-6838798, דוא"ל The General Guardian Details and support for supported decision making
The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security

שי"ל - שירות ייעוץ לאזרח - מוקד טלפוני: 118|Citizen Guidance Services *118

Senior Citizens On the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services website Provides reports to the court as part of guardian appointment hearings
מוקד 8840* לפניות הציבור|*8840 public hotline Office of Social Equality website The * 8840 hotline for Senior Citizens of the Ministry of Social Equality is a central address for handling applications from senior citizens, for providing information about all the rights, services and benefits that the senior citizens receive and for assistance in exercising the rights.
Segula Unit - Center to assist senior citizens get their rights in hospitals Office of Social Equality website Health Rights Center for Senior Citizens, to assist senior citizens and their families in understanding the rights of the hospitalized during their period of hospitalization

Court Rulings

Laws & Regulations

Additional publications