Patients hospitalized in a medical institution are entitled to have visitors according to the times and procedures established by the facility's management
Even though patients have the right to the Presence of a Family Member or Other Person During Medical Examinations, family members visiting the hospitalized do not have the right to be present while doctors are performing their departmental rounds

The Patient's Rights Law emphasizes the importance of establishing procedures for visiting hospitalized patients.

  • By law, every medical institution in which patients are hospitalized must establish reasonable times and procedures for people to visit them at different times of day.
  • The medical institution must inform patients of these procedures upon admission to the facility and post them prominently.

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  • The hospital's management is responsible for establishing rules and procedures regarding visitation, which must be brought to the attention of the hospital staff, as well as patients and their families through signs and informational handouts.
  • These procedures should refer to topics such as the following, among others: established visiting hours, duration of visits, the number of permitted visitors at a given time, admission of visitors to special departments (such as the ICU, maternity ward, nursery, etc.), as well as established times to contact the attending physician/nurse in order to obtain information regarding a patient.

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