Through the Meuhedet health plan, the Ministry of Health offers a program to provide health insurance for non-resident children in Israel
Foreign nationals can insure their children and receive services equivalent to the services provided to children of Israeli residents as part of the National Health Insurance
For minors born in Israel there is no waiting period to the beginning date of the medical insurance coverage, but if the child is not registered within 6 months of birth, there will be a waiting period of four months, so it is recommended to register quickly
The children's parents pay a monthly payment for the health services: The cost is 120 NIS/month for a single child, and 240 NIS/month for two children. There is no additional charge from the third child and on

For minors living in Israel who do not have "resident" status (for example, children of foreign workers or children of asylum-seekers), the state has established a special arrangement with the Meuhedet health plan for which they may register.

  • The children insured according to this arrangement are entitled to the services provided as part of national health insurance to children who are Israeli residents.

Who is Eligible?

  • Minors that are not insured under the The National Health Insurance Law are entitled to be registered for the program as long as one of the exceptions (described below) does not apply to them, and they are one of the following:
    • Children born in Israel whose mother was in Israel for 6 consecutive months before their birth, or for whom the total combined time in Israel (for mother and child) from the date of birth amounts to 6 consecutive months. (For example, a minor whose mother was in Israel for 3 months before birth, and 3 months have passed since their birth.) When necessary, the duration of stay will be considered according to the other parent or another adult responsible for the child.
    • A minor who was not born in Israel, or was born in Israel and left after birth, is entitled to register for the program if they remain in the country for 6 consecutive months before registering.


Exceptions Who Are Not Eligible to Register for the Program

  • Children who are residents of the Palestinian Authority.
  • Children with one parent who is registered with the Israeli Population Authority
  • Children of diplomats.
  • Children whose parents are in Israel to study or teach in institutions of higher education.
  • Children who are tourists in Israel.

How to Claim It?

Contacting the District Health Office

  • The minor's parent or legal guardian must come to the district Ministry of Health office with identifying documentation for him/herself and the minor: birth certificate for the minor (if born in Israel), passports for him/herself and the minor.
  • If the minor is younger than 6 months old, the mother's passport must also be brought even if the father or guardian are handling the enrollment.
  • If the minor is a student in the public education system, documentation from the daycare/school must be brought indicating that the minor has learned there for the past 6 months.
  • If the parents (or one of them) work in Israel, it is advisable to bring documentation from the employer indicating employment for the past 6 months.
  • If the person enrolling the minor is not the minor's natural parent, he/she must present adoption or guardianship documentation.
  • At the Ministry of Health office, the person enrolling the minor will be asked to fill out a request form (Appendix 2 to the procedure) and then will be given a certificate verifying eligibility for health insurance.

Contacting the Meuhedet Health Plan

  • Contact the health fund within 3 months of receiving entitlement confirmation in the district Health Ministry office.
  • The person responsible for the minor must bring this document to a branch of the Meuhedet health plan where a card indicating the insurance will be provided.
    • Registrants in Tel Aviv are recommended to go to the branch on Levinsky Street.
  • The parents of the children finance the insurance via a monthly payment. Similar to Health Insurance when there is a ceiling to parents' payments. The government subsidizes the remainder of the expense of the arrangement, as well as the cost of insurance for the third child or more children.
  • The monthly payment for one child is 120 NIS, and 240 NIS for 2 children.
  • The payments are made with a monthly payment booklet, issued upon registration at the fund.
  • For services requiring payment, the payment will be done separately. The payment amount will be the same as that required for Israeli children insured by the fund.
  • The listing of branch locations can be found on the Meuhedet website or by calling ‎*3833 .

Start of Eligibility to Receive Medical Services

  • '"Minors born in Israel who were enrolled into the health fund within 6 months of birth, are entitled to receive all the health plan services immediately upon enrolling with the Ministry of Health without any waiting period.
  • Minors born in Israel who were not enrolled within 6 months of birth, and/or minors not born in Israel are only eligible for all health plan services after a 4 month waiting period from the date of enrollment.
    • During these 4 months, the minor is entitled to the following services:
      1. Reimbursements for emergency medical services only (such as emergency room and hospitalization).
      2. Basic clinic services (primary care and specialized medical care).
      3. Receiving medications included in the health services basket and prescribed by a fund doctor during a fund clinic visit.
      4. Laboratory testing included in the health services basket according to the arrangement and performed in the health fund lab, if the health fund doctor determines that it is necessary.
    • During the 4 month waiting period, elective services dependent on Obtaining a Payment Voucher (Form 17) from the Health Plan will not be given

End of Eligibility

  • Eligibility for the program can be ended in two ways:
  • When the minor reaches the age of 18.
  • If the monthly payment is not paid for 6 months, and then the debt is not settled within 30 days after that period.

Renewing Registration For Someone Who Has Lost Eligibility

  • Renewing registration of a minor who's registration has been discontinued requires:
  1. Recontacting the Health Ministry office for a confirmation of eligibility.
  2. Fulfillment of all obligations to the health fund.
  3. Renewing registration with the Meuhedet health fund.
  4. A waiting period of 4 months before the minor will be given full eligibility to services.

Basket of Medical Services

  • Minors enrolled in the program are entitled to all services provided by the health plan to Israeli minors in the same situation, except for services which cannot be provided in Israel.
  • Minors born outside of Israel are not entitled to services covering a condition which existed before they arrived in Israel for the first two years after registration. Two years after registering for the insurance, the child will also be eligible for coverage of services for medical conditions that preceded their arrival in Israel.
  • The services are provided by the Meuhedet health plan or other institutions affiliated with it.
  • Family health center (Tipat Halav) services are provided under the same conditions as they are to Israeli residents, as long as they are family health centers under the auspices of the state, and not the health plans.
  • There is no right to receive monetary reimbursements for medical services purchased privately, unless it has been explicitly approved by the health plan.

Please Note

  • The details provided for the purpose of registration will be used exclusively for medical insurance purposes and will not be used for any other purposes, such as use by the police, Ministry of Interior, or other enforcement agencies.
  • Everyone is entitled to emergency medical care which is provided in hospitals in Israel without preconditions; however, those without insurance coverage will be charged for the care. For more information see: Receiving Emergency Medical Care.

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