This portal presents information regarding the rights and benefits connected to housing for people with disabilities, both for those living at home and those living outside the home.

Modern society recognizes the rights and benefits of integrating people with disabilities into the community in general, and of furthering independent living in specific. Accordingly, there are many rights and benefits that should make it easier for a person with a disability within the housing sector.

Making Adjustments to the Common Area in a Building

Intellectual Disabilities

  • [:he:[השמה בדיור חוץ ביתי לאנשים עם מוגבלות שכלית התפתחותית|Housing Options Outside of the Home]]
  • [:he:[מסגרות דיור בקהילה לאנשים עם מוגבלות שכלית התפתחותית| Community Housing]]
  • Institutional Frameworks
  • Foster Families

Companies that Provide Rental Assistance Services

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Court Rulings

Laws & Regulations

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