This page organizes the updates that are relevant for senior citizens and their families during the coronavirus outbreak
In addition, you can find a list of dedicated centers operating during this period, which can be contacted for assistance
Senior citizens that were fired or sent on unpaid leave because of coronavirus may be entitled to financial rights and benefits detailed on the special guide for employees over age 60

The coronavirus crisis has caused most Israeli residents to be shut into their homes. While it is a difficult situation for everyone, it is especially difficult for senior citizens who find themselves isolated from their families and their daily lives. We are working to gather relevant information to help you make it through this time safely. Wishing everyone good health!

  • The current emergency regulations put restrictions on leaving the house and gathering.
  • The regulations permit a person to leave his house to help someone who is in distress and requires assistance.
  • In addition, delivery services can be used for products such as:
    • Products sold online or by phone.
    • Deliveries from restaurants and food providers.
  • Delivery services have to place the packages at the entrance to the house and are not permitted to enter.

(Automatic) Grant Payment in April 2020

A couple that each person receives an old age pension and a long-term care benefit will receive 2 grants of 500 NIS and one supplement of 450 NIS (1,450 NIS in total).

Payment of Allowances with Pre-Paid Cards

  • Senior citizens that go to the post office and do not receive their National Insurance pensions (senior citizens pension, survivors pension, long-term care benefit etc.) directly to their bank accounts are requested not to come to the post office branches.
  • Instead, the Israel postal service will begin distributing pre-paid cards to them.
  • The cards be delivered by registered mail to the senior citizens' homes or nursing homes and they will also receive a phone message with details on how to operate the card.
  • The card can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM.
  • For additional information see the National Insurance Institute's message

Call Centers

  • 106: Senior citizens who need assistance (or those who know of a senior citizen in such a situation) can call their local Social Services department or their municipal hotline by dialing 106.
  • 1221: Emergency hotline for humanitarian aid
    • Assistance for a person who needs urgent medical care, delivery of medications, medical equipment, or food, or needs emotional support during quarantine can call 1221 and receive assistance from a volunteer who will come to them.
    • For additional information see Humanitarian Aid Hotline 1221 during the Coronavirus
  • 9696: Guidance for senior citizens and their families for National Insurance related issues
    • The call center is meant to help senior citizens who need information about National Insurance rights during the coronavirus outbreak, emotional support, or referrals to community services or other authorities.
    • The call center is open Sun-Thurs from 8:30-13:30.
    • Calls that come in after the center is closed are sent to a voicemail that is recorded in several languages. These calls will be returned on the next work day. It is important to leave a phone number in the message so that someone can call back and provide assistance.
    • The service is provided in 5 languages:
      • 02-6463400 Hebrew
      • 02-6463401 Arabic
      • 02-6463402 Russian
      • 02-6463403 Amharit
      • 02-6463404 English

Medications and Online Medical Services

Before going out to pick up a medicine, we recommend checking in the pharmacy does home deliveries.

Alternatives for daycare center visits

  • A senior citizen that visits a government subsidized day-care center (that is not in the framework of Long-Term Care Benefit services) should be contacted by the day-care center staff in order to organize that he receives the following services in his home:
    • Lunch on Sunday - Thursday.
    • A daily phone call with the center staff to update on his situation.
    • A weekly home visit by social worker sent by the center, based on urgency and professional discretion.
  • These services are provided according to the number of days the senior citizen usually spends in the day-care center.

Alternatives for enrichment or skills club visits

  • Senior citizens who generally visit a senior citizens enrichment center or skills clubs and eat 3 meals a week there will receive these meals delivered to their homes.
  • On the days that the senior citizen was supposed to come to club, a club staff member will call the senior citizens in order to follow up on how they are doing.
  • The senior citizens deductible payment amount remains the same.
  • Holocaust survivors are exempt from deductible payments.

Allowances and grants for people with impaired incomes

Giving Continued Power of Attorney and Registering a Living Will with a Guardiance via Video-Conference

Long-Term Care Benefit Recipients

Senior Citizens in Difficult Financial Situations

Holocaust Survivors

Help Centers

Government Agencies

Government Agencies Call Center Expedited Services
The Ministry of Health Kol HaBriut hotline ‎[tel:*5400 *5400 ]
Municipal Hotline (in most cases) 106
Home Front Command Call Center for Civil (non-medical) Emergencies 104
Employment Services ‎‎*9687 Initial online report to the employment office
The National Insurance Institute *‎[tel:*6050 *6050 ] Unemployment pay claim online claim form
The Agency for Small and Mid-size Businesses Maof businesses hotline ‎[tel:*8794 *8794 ]
SHAYAL (Guidance for Citizens) 118 (Unemployment, unpaid leave, consumerism etc.) Contact through Facebook
The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Social Services hotline 118
The Israel Tax Authority
  • Tax authority call center (general) ‎*9848
  • Property tax call center ‎*4954
The Population and Immigration Authority National Information and Service hotline ‎[tel:*3450 *3450 ] Online contact form on corona related topics for foreign workers/Palestinians
The Ministry of Education *Hotline for Parents and Students
The Office for Social Equality Senior Citizens center hotline ‎[tel:*8840 *8840 ] Online contact for for the senior citizens center
The Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors Holocaust Survivors Services Center hotline ‎[tel:*5105 *5105 ]

Aid Organizations

Information, Guidance and Support

Organization Center details and website link Hotline number
United Hatzalah, Israel Association of Community Centers, and Lev Echad Emergency Hotline for Humanitarian Assistance During the Corona Crisis 1221 (no star)
The New Workers Union (Histadrut) Information hotline regarding rights in the workplace during the coronavirus crisis *2383
"Be-Atzmi" On My Own Emergency hotline for coping and support in the area of employment *2119
The Israel Bar Association Initial legal assistance in issues related to family, labor, National Insurance and execution laws 050-5588072 (whatsapp)
Chasdei Lev Hotline for Tools and Tips for Good Financial Family Conduct 077-3377930 ext. 3
Israel Consumers Council Consumer Services Hotline 1-700-727-888
Tene Briut Amaharit Hotline for Coronavirus Related Questions (prevention, protection and Ministry of Health guidelines). Sun-Thurs 8:00-21:00 04-6323544
Rotem Center and Yated Program Yated Call Center for Adolescents in Hebrew and Arabic List of call center numbers
HMO Emotional Support Hotlines "Clalit"

"Maccabi" "Meuechet" "Leumit"

* ‎*2700 extension 8, 3
  • *3555 extension 1
  • *3833 extension 8
  • *507 extension 9
Eran and the Israel Trauma Coalition Help hotline for those suffering from corona related anxiety 1201 ext. 6
Tamar - Eran and the Israel Trauma Coalition Arabic help hotline for those suffering from corona related anxiety 1201 ext. 2
Sahar - Online Assistance and Support Digital support and emotional assistance for people in emotional distress
"A New Dawn in the Negev" Emergency hotline for the Bedouin population to help cope with the coronavirus crisis The hotline is open on Sun.-Thurs. from 10:00-16:00. 08-9966561
ENOSH Hotline for parents and adolescents age 12-25 suffering from emotional crisis 054-9299723

Assistance for those in home quarantine

Organization Center details and website link Hotline number
Appleseeds Academy in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Equality and other organizations Assistance for people people who need help with technology (Using Zoom, filling out online forms, etc) *055 -2750238 for Hebrew (call the number or text the word "help")

*055 -2750239 for Arabic (call the number or text the word "help")

United Hatzalah, Israel Association of Community Centers, and Lev Echad Emergency Hotline for Humanitarian Assistance During the Corona Crisis 1221 (no star)
Lev Echad Assistance with shopping, gathering medications etc. 02-6762044
Friends for Health Medications for Home-bound Individuals 054-7123930
Dor L'dor Personal assistance for senior citizens who are worried about leaving the house *3284

Additional Information

Laws and Regulations


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