Individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, mental health issues, or autism are entitled to receive public services without waiting in line, if they have a disability certificate from the National Insurance Institute or the Ministry of Defense showing eligibility
This right is also given to the person accompanying the disabled person, provided he/she is on line on behalf of or with the disabled person
This right is not applicable for services that require waiting in a car or services where there are procedures set as well as additional cases listed below
Pregnant women and senior citizens over 80 are also entitled to receive certain public services without waiting online

According to Article 13 of Regulations for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (improving service access) a child or adult with Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health Issues or Autism are entitled to receive public services without waiting in line.

  • This right is also valid for those accompanying an individual with disabilities, as long as they are waiting in line with and for that individual.
If a child with autism and his mother went to the Post Office,they would not be required to wait in line for service.

Who is Eligible?

Instances when there is No Right to Receive Services Without Waiting in Line

  • For services provided by appointment made in advance, there is no obligation to give people with disabilities an earlier appointment than others. (Nevertheless, when the appointment is made, the date and the time of the appointment will be made with consideration given to the individual with disabilities and any relevant special needs or considerations.)
  • People with disabilities do not have the right to skip the line for services that require waiting in a car.
Individuals with disabilities waiting in their car at a gas station or to enter a national park are not entitled to go ahead of the cars in front of them.
  • When the waiting time in line is short, there is no obligation to to provide service to people with disabilities without waiting.
If there is just one person waiting in line before a person with disabilities, and the time required to provide the service to that customer is short, there is no obligation to give priority to a person with a disability.
  • Additional cases where the right does not apply:
    • When waiting in line for public transportation.
    • When waiting in line for medical services.

What is a Public Service?

Places in which a person with disabilities and his companion are entitled to receive services without waiting in line:
  • On the line at the post office
  • On the line to fill prescription medications at the pharmacy (in private pharmacies and in HMO or hospital pharmacies)
  • On the line to receive a passport at the Population and Immigration authority
  • On line to pay at the supermarket

How to Claim It?

  • Those eligible will be sent a certificate of disability that says "exempt from waiting in line and payment for the cardholder and someone who accompanies him:" תעודת נכה עם פטור.jpg
  • The individual with disabilities and/or someone accompanying him/her should go to the person in charge of the line and request to receive the service without waiting in line.
  • The person in charge is permitted to request to see a valid certificate of disability in order to confirm entitlement to not wait in line.
  • Photo identification (such as a teudat zehut) may also be requested if the certificate of disability does not have a picture on it.
  • According to the court ruling, public service providers are required to provide at least one line or station (payment station) that provides service without a wait for People with Disabilities.
  • A public service provider that provides only one station for this service, must put up a large and clear sign marking that station.
  • Click here to read a court ruling on this topic.

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