In these training apartments for independent living, blind and visually impaired youth receive training in a variety of daily life skills to enable them to function independently in the community.
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The training apartments for independent living are aimed to train blind and visually impaired youngsters to function by their own means in the community in their daily lives.

  • Each apartment has 4-6 visually impaired or blind residents, approximately in the same age group.
  • A customized program is built for each resident according to his/her needs, wants and ambitions including the development of social skills, mobility and functional independence, acquiring life skills, provision of information on rights and ways to realize them within the community, as well as emotional and group support.
  • Additionally there is a program built to give professional training and preparation for marriage.
  • The youth are guided by a multi-disciplinary staff including:
    • A social workers who organizes the program, guides the staff, deals with the emotional and social stresses and guides the residents personally and as a group.
    • A rehabilitation teacher who works with each resident and guides the staff in helping with the development of mobility skills and functional independence.
    • Counselors who guide the residents on a day to day basis, help them practice rehabilitative tasks, build a social group in the apartment and serves as a listening ear for the residents.
  • Over time the guidance of the staff is gradually decreased from full guidance to full independence in accordance with the abilities of each resident.

Daily Schedule

  • In the mornings, the residents are integrated into professional programs under the framework of National Service or a different framework.
  • Those who complete their National Service can join a program to finish taking the matriculation exams ("Bagruyot") or to prepare for the psychometric exam.
  • In the afternoon the residents are engaged in a variety of cultural activities.

Locations of the Program

Who is Eligible?

  • Blind and visually impaired high school graduates, ages 18-24, who have a set of basic independent skills and have a desire to integrate independently into the community.

How to Claim It?