Toddlers with hearing impairment in a regular daycare framework are entitled to the accompaniment of an aide
The assistance is only provided for children in a daycare framework under government supervision

Toddlers receiving services at a hearing rehabilitation center who are in a regular local daycare framework for children who are not deaf (i.e. those operated by Naamat or WIZO) are entitled to the accompaniment of an aide for between 1 and 4 hours per day.

  • The aide receives instruction from the paramedical team providing services to the child.
  • The eligibility is only for children integrated into regular frameworks under government supervision.
  • The assistance is not provided for children in a private daycare that is not under Ministry of Economy supervision, or for children not officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.
  • Additionally, there is the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' Misikun L'Sikui (From Risk to Opportunity) program, which offers the services of an integration aide not covered by the law, which operates in 21 municipalities throughout Israel.

Who is Eligible?

  • Toddlers between one year and three years old who have hearing impairment and receive services from MICHA, AV Israel, or Shema Kolenu (for the Haredi population).
  • The toddlers must be in daycare for children who hear, all or some days of the week, which is under government supervision.

How to Claim It?

  • A request must be submitted to the child's local social services office. Click here to locate the closest office.
  • The following documents must be attached to the request:
    • A social work report (from the social services office or the child's therapy center).
    • A diagnosis from a child development center.
  • The daycare center may be contacted directly in order to register. Registration for local daycare begins every year in January.

Please Note

  • Discounts for daycare are sometimes available; a social services office social worker should be contacted for details.

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