People with hearing impairment, who meet the conditions detailed below, are entitled to interpreting and transcription services
People with hearing impairment who also have a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment may be provided with other specialized relay interpreting services, as well

People with hearing impairment are entitled to interpreting and transcription services to help them function in daily life.

  • The services include:
    • Interpreting to and from sign language
    • Transcription services of what is being said in real time onto a computer (desktop or laptop) so that it can be read from a screen or projector
    • Special relay interpreting services for those with hearing impairment who also have a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment, in accordance with the relevant means of communication; the service is provided during group activities

Who is Eligible?

  • People with hearing impairment age 12 and older in accordance with the following table:
Who is eligible? Number of annual interpreting/transcription hours
Those with hearing loss of 70 dB or more in the better ear 45
Those with hearing loss of between 50-69.9 dB in the better ear 16
Those with hearing loss of 70 dB or more in the better ear who also have a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment 61
Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment holders/new immigrants with hearing loss of between 50-69.9 dB in the better ear 32

How to Claim It?

  • Claiming this right (which is the identical process to claiming the Communications Basket is detailed herein
  • Eligible recipients automatically receive the number of hours of the service to which they are entitled each year.

Examinations Required

  • The Communication Support Services Request Form should be obtained and brought to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor
  • The ENT doctor will fill out the relevant part of the form and then give referral for a hearing test
  • After completing the hearing test, the audiologist will fill in the relevant parts of the form. The hearing test submitted with the request must be up-to-date within the last two years

Submitting the Claim

    • Two passport photos
    • If the applicant has documentation from the National Insurance Institute indicating recognition of a hearing impairment, it is recommended to attach it to the application
  • The forms are sent to the national communications clinician for an examination of eligibility.
  • Within 3 months, the social services office will notify the applicant if the request has been approved.


  • It is possible to request a re-examination of the decision of the national communications clinician, provided that there is new data that may change the decision
  • The re-examination can be requested within six months of the date from which the decision was made in the case of the applicant. In special cases, the national communications clinician may deviate from this period
  • For re-examination, a new application form must be filled in and filed as described above.
  • Additionally, the national communications clinician is entitled to initiate a repeat examination at any time for those who have already been approved for eligibility, and to request additional information and examinations


The Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Welfare - Hearing Impaired Division
Yirmiyahu 39, Migdalei HaBira, Jerusalem
  • The person who filed the appeal will be notified and invited to a hearing within 15 days of receipt of the appeal documents.
  • The committee hearing will take place within 45 days of the receipt of the appeal documents. The proceedings of the hearing will be recorded in the minutes.
  • The Committee may request that various documents relevant to the appeal be presented to it
  • The Committee's decision regarding the appeal will be determined within 30 days of the hearing.
  • The notification of the committee's decision and its reasoning will be sent to the appellant within 10 days of the decision date

Ordering Interpreting/Transcription Services from the "Center for Communications Support" of Shmaya

  • The service must be requested 7 days in advance
  • In order to make a request an Interpreting Services Request Form or a Transcription Services Request Form should be filled out
  • The relevant form must then be sent to Shmaya, which is responsible for the translation services, in one of the following ways:
  • After the service has been provided, the service provider will fill out a designated form indicating the type of service and the amount of time it was provided. It is important for service recipients to make sure all details and the amount of time indicated on the report are accurate before signing the form.

Increased Service Time

  • In special cases, service recipients may request that they be given additional hours of interpretation, transcription or relay services
  • Such requests should be sent to Shmaya which will send it along with a written opinion, for a decision from the National Communications Clinician at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' Rehabilitation Division

Contacting the Ethical Code Advisory Committee

  • An Ethical Code Advisory Committee for Israeli Sign Language Interpretation operates within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. The committee is comprised of representatives from the ministry's Rehabilitation Branch, the Ministry of Education, organizations representing the deaf community, interpreters, and the National Insurance Institute.
  • The committee may be contacted by filling out a contact form regarding any issue or complaint related to sign language interpretation. The form may be found here. It also appears to the right in the "Forms" section of the page. Further details may be found in the form itself.

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