The Kol HaBriut call center provides an answer and information to the general public for all domains that the Ministry of Health is responsible for
You can get information about medical equipment, requests for rehabilitation and mobility devices, long-term hospitalization, appointments in clinics, vaccinations, the National Health Insurance Law, rights in the healthcare system, etc.
The call center service is provided in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, French and Amharic
The service is provided free of charge


Service providers:
מידע נוסף:
Available in:
Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, French, Amaharic

Service Providers

How to Receive This Service

  • You can contact the call center in any one of the following ways:

Call Center Hours

  • Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-18:00
  • Fridays and holiday eves from 8:00-13:00
  • On Chol Hamoed (Sukkot and Passover) from 8:00-14:00

Service Cost

  • The service is provided free of charge