Computer workshops take place across the country to teach the blind and visually impaired computer skills and how to use the equipment designed for them

Computer workshops teach the blind and visually impaired skills to successfully use the special equipment and programs designed for their use.

Places Where Workshops Take Place

  • Migdal Or Rehabilitation Center, Kiryat Chaim, Haifa 26244, Tel: 077-7721333
  • MARSHAL Haifa, HaGefen 32, Haifa 35053, Tel: 04-8527222, Fax: 04-8527223
  • The Mary Rosen Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Hovot HaLevavot 11, Herzliya 46323, Tel: 09-9506111, Fax: 09-9586711, E-mail:
  • Rehabilitation Center, Shaul Hamelech St. 113 (Corner of Nachshon), Beer Sheva 84797, Tel: 08-6468444, E-mail:
  • MARSHAL Jerusalem, Yafo St. 216, Shaarei HaIr Bldg., Jerusalem, Tel: 02-5388955, Fax: 02-5003942, E-mail:
  • MARSHAL, HaGrah St. 28, Tel Aviv 68024, Tel: 03-6870898, Fax: 03-6391033
  • University of Haifa Learning Center, Multipurpose Building (Binyan Rav Tachliti), Haifa 31095, Tel: 04-8240669, E-mail:
  • Karten Institute for the Deaf-Blind, Yad LaBanim Blvd. 13, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv 67069, Tel: 03-6316361, E-mail:

Who is Eligible?

  • Blind or visually impaired individuals who are interested in learning skills that will help them operate computer equipment modified to their needs.

How to Claim It?