Low vision rehabilitation services are designed to improve visual function and allow normative function as much as possible.
This service is provided by authorized institutes that are under the auspices of the Blind Services Department and requires a co-payment

There are a variety of different services offered, at subsidized costs, to individuals with complex visual impairment.

  • The rehabilitation services are provided by optometrists specializing in low vision, device instructors and social workers.
  • The services include visual functioning diagnoses, device fittings, lending of devices and practice using them.

Service Providers

  • The service is provided by low vision rehabilitation institutes across the country, under the auspices of Services for the Blind.

Target Population and Audience

  • The service is provided to the following populations:
    • One who holds a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment.
    • One who doesn't have a Certificate of Blindness, but who has a visual capacity between 3/60 - 6/24, or a field of vision above 20 degrees after optimal correction.
    • The visually impaired who suffer from impaired functioning due to vision that cannot be improved through conventional medicine.

How to receive the service?

  • Those who are interested may contact the low vision rehabilitation centers directly or via referal.

Listing of Low Vision Rehabilitation Centers

Cost of the Service

Laws and Regulations