A person who has a disabled parking permit is eligible to have a parking spot allotted for him/her by the local authority that is no more than 200 meters from his/her home
In a case where a parking spot can not be found within 200 meters, the local authority may find a spot no more than 400 meters from the person's home
The local authority will bear the costs of allocating and marking the parking spot
For more information see the Disabled Parking Law sections 4d and 4e

Individuals with disabled parking permits are eligible request that the local authority allocate a parking spot for them close to their home.

  • The local authority will allocate one parking spot close to the home of a person that is found eligible. The spot should be is no more than 200 meters from the person's home. In a case where a parking spot can not be allocated within 200 meters, the local authority may find and mark a spot up to 400 meters from the person's home.

Who is Eligible?

  • Someone who holds a disabled parking permit and for whom a doctor certified by law to establish disability, verified one of the following conditions:
    • He/she has limited mobility and needs a wheelchair to get around.
    • He/she needs a vehicle to get around because of disability of his/her legs.
    • His/her level of disability is at least 90% and moving around without a vehicle can aggravate the medical situation (someone who has an established disability of at least 90% can be eligible according to the local authority's decision).
  • A person who accompanies a disabled person and drives for him/her in the assigned vehicle may park the vehicle in the allocated parking space.
  • Eligibility is not valid for a disabled person who already has parking that is adapted to his/her needs and is used regularly and exclusively by him/her. This includes a building's private parking spots.

How to Claim It?

  • Requests should be submitted in writing to the body responsible for signage in the Traffic Division of the local authority (often called "the municipal transportation committee", but the name may be different from one local authority to another)
  • The request should include the following documents:
    • Request letter
    • Photocopy of national identification card (teudat zehut) including the sefach with the person's address
    • Photocopy of the driver's license of the person requesting an allocated parking spot.
    • Documentation indicating the disability percentage from a qualified institution (like the National Insurance Institute or the Ministry of Defense)
    • Documentation from the Ministry of Health indicating the degree of limited mobility (if relevant)
    • Those above retirement age may be requested to instead include the medical opinion of a specialist attesting to the applicant's disability due to limited mobility
    • A copy of both sides of the disabled parking permit given to the car
  • More information and application forms may be found on individual municipality websites (for example see the form and details on the Tel Aviv municipality website.
  • The local authority must allocate the parking space within 60 days from when the request was submitted.
  • The local authority will use a special sign to mark the handicap spot and it will have the license plate number on it.
  • In a case where an applicant who is a disabled parking permit holder has less than a 90% established disability, the local authority will assess his/her request, taking into request the severity of the disability and its impact on the person's mobility, and will determine if the circumstances justify allocating a spot for the person.

Please Note

  • The local authority bears the costs of allocating the parking space and placing the traffic sign marking it.
  • One who owns an apartment in a joint apartment building can, under in certain circumstances, allocate a parking spot in the building or a different special parking spot for himself. For more information see Disabled Parking in a Joint Apartment Building.
  • Blind people who are disabled parking permit holders are also eligible to receive an allocated and marked parking spot close to their home.
  • If a specific disabled vehicle has been assigned a parking space, and a traffic sign indicating the details of the vehicle has also been marked with certain days or hours then parking for other vehicles with a disabled badge are permitted to park in the spot according to the days or hours specified on the sign.

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