A woman who have birth to a premature infant that is hospitalized is entitled to extend her Maternity Leave and her Maternity Pay
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And a mother whose baby is hospitalized or who needs to be hospitalized again for at least 15 days during her maternity leave is entitled to extend her maternity leave by the number of days equal to the number of days the baby is in the hospital up to a maximum of 20 weeks.

Who is Eligible?

  • A mother whose baby needs to be hospitalized, or needs to return to the hospital for a least 15 days (even if they aren't consecutive) during her Maternity Leave.
  • Men can split the maternity leave with their spouses beginning from the 7th week after birth on condition that the mother was eligible for maternity leave but chose to shorten it and return to work.

How to Claim It?

Notice to the Employer

  • The employee (mother) is obligated to give notice, in writing, to her employer at least four days before the day she is scheduled to return to work. If there are circumstances that prevent her from giving notice in this time frame, she should give the notice as soon as she is able to.
  • Documentation from the hospital or attending doctor regarding the preemie's hospitalization should be attached.

Request to Extend the Maternity Allowance (Maternity Pay)

Please Note

  • If both the newborn and the mother are hospitalized during the time she is entitled to maternity pay, and each of their hospitalizations are shorter than 15 days, and don't overlap, then their hospitalization times can be added together to make her eligible to extend her maternity leave (assuming that the two periods add up to 15 days).

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