In order to receive a Mobility Benefit, it is first necessary to have limited mobility determined by a medical committee
Individuals whose claim has been rejected in the past whose medical state has since worsened may submit a new claim

Those with limited mobility who would like to receive benefits as part of a Mobility Benefit must have limited mobility determined by a medical committee designated for that purpose.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

Stages of the Process

Filing a request for a review

  • Th request to be evaluated by a medical committee must be submitted on the Request for a Medical Examination to Determine Limited Mobility form]
  • The first part of the form should be completed with personal details and signed.
  • The applicant should ask his/her personal (family) doctor to fill out the section for the medical opinion on the form. The doctor should note the patient's medical disability on the list attached to the form. An application form without a doctor's signature will be accepted if the applicant attached his/her medical documentation separately.
  • If the medical disorder is related to insufficient peripheral blood supply to the lower extremities (Peripheral artery disease), up-to-date Doppler Test results must be attached. If there is no up-to-date test results, applicants will be referred to have the test from a clinic certified by the Office of Health (the test is free).
  • If the applicant uses a wheelchair proof of purchase/rental and documentation from a doctor or physiotherapist stating the the applicant needs and uses a wheelchair, must be attached to the request
  • If the applicant has a driver's license, a photocopy of the license must be attached to the request.
  • Applicants interested in the committee deciding on their case in their absence, based on up to date medical documentation only, should attach this request to their form. The medical committee approves absentee requests only in exceptional cases, where there is unequivocal documentation of original documents of diagnosis, type of problem, its severity and its impact on mobility in line with the list of deficiencies in the mobility agreement.
  • The completed form and attached documentation must be submitted to the district Ministry of Health bureau in the applicant's place of residence; (the request may also be sent in the mail).. Documents submitted to the sub-district health office and will be passed on to the District Health office.
  • Requests will be examined and one of the following responses will be sent to the applicant:
    • An invitation for a review, together with an explanatory page.
    • A rejection of the request, because the criteria for review have not been met.
    • A request for further testing.
    • Referral to a Doppler test (the test is free).

Committee Hearing

  • Applicants who have been requested to appear before the medical committee will have at least two weeks notice of the hearing.
  • Applicants must come for the medical examination with their ID card (תעודת זהות) or Drivers Licence.
  • At the start of the hearing, applicants should present medical documents relating to their limitation of mobility - results of X-rays, MRI and ultrasound, as well as other documents.
  • Original documents must be presented or documents that are "true copy" under the seal of a Attorney, Judge or Registrar.
  • Applicant will undergo a physical examination, while maintaining his/her dignity and privacy. In examination rooms there will be a place to change clothes privately, and hang them in an orderly fashion. Additionally the physical examination are performed behind a screen.
  • Applicants may have a companion present with them during the examination.

Committee's Decision

  • After the examination and review of the relevant documents, the committee will make a decision about the applicants limitations and degree of limited mobility.
  • If it was decided that the impairment suffered by the applicant is included in the list of deficiencies, the committee will determine the degree of limited mobility and whether the applicants needs and uses a wheelchair, or if they are confined permanently to a wheelchair (note that a "scooter" is not included in the definition of a wheelchair).
  • The applicant will receive a medical protocol from the committee in which the committee's decision will be detailed including the degree of limited mobility that was determined, as well as the committee's rational for its decision.
  • The committee protocol will also be sent to a National Insurance Institute doctor who will decide whether to accept the medical committee's decision and if the decision will be permanently valid.

Filing for a Mobility Allowance

  • After the applicant receives the medical committee decision, s/he must submit a Mobility Benefit claim to the National Insurance Institute.
  • For more information, see: Submitting a Mobility Benefit Claim.


  • Those who are not satisfied with the medical committee decision may appeal the decision within 60 days of receiving the committee protocol.
  • Written appeals must be sent to:
Appeals Committee Secretariat, Mobility Benefit Unit,
Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Pavillion 67 outside Tel Hashomer Hospital, 52621.
Fax: 03-765-2749
Phone: 03 765-2730
  • After submitting an appeal, the applicant will be requested to appear before a medical appeals committee for an additional medical examination.
  • Important to note:
    • In case the applicant appealed the decision and the appeal reduced their rights, they can withdraw the appeal (to cancel your appeal) within two weeks of receiving the results of the appeals committee.
    • The National Insurance Institute may also appeal against the decision of the Medical Committee for Determining Limited Mobility.
  • The appeals committee's decision can be appealed at the District court.

Re-Examination Due to Worsening Condition

  • Those whose medical condition has worsened (with relation to mobility), may submit a request with accompanying medical documentation indicating the worsening of their condition, for medical re-examination.
    • If at least 12 months have passed since the last medical committee or medical appeals committee decision, the re-examination request must be submitted to the district Ministry of Health bureau.
    • If 12 months have not passed since the last medical committee or medical appeals committee decision, the local National Insurance Institute branch must be contacted with a request for a medical re-examination. A medical professional will check the documentation and if there is found to be a worsening in the applicant's condition, the claims clerk will forward the request on to the Ministry of Health bureau.

Reimbursement for Transportation Costs

  • Applicants may be entitled to transportation cost reimbursements if they meet all of the following conditions:
  • In order to check eligibility to receive transportation cost reimbursements, applicants must bring documentation from the district physician or appeals committee chairman indicating that they cannot use public transportation, in addition to relevant original transportation receipts.