Student mentors are available to blind and visually impaired children or seeing children who have blind parents.


Service providers:
Free of charge
Secondary area:
  • A national mentoring project run by ALEH, which is designed for both children who are blind/visually impaired and children of blind/visually impaired parents.
  • The mentoring services are provided over the course of one academic year by students, some who are blind/visually impaired, and some who are not. These students receive a scholarship for being mentors.
  • The purpose of the service is to help the children cope with the difficulties that they are faced with in various life settings through a variety of activities that take place in the child’s home or other recreational settings.

Service Providers

Target Populations and Eligibility

  • Blind or visually impaired children.
  • Children who have blind or visually impaired parents.

How to Claim It?

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