Seniors and adults with limited mobility may receive dental care at home.
All types of treatment are offered, including mobile x-rays.
Cost is determined by the Ministry of Health's subsidized price list for those in need.


Throughout the country
The Ministry of Health's subsidized price list
Secondary area:
  • Adults and seniors who cannot get to a dental clinic because they have limited mobility, are frail or bedridden, may receive a mobile dental service in their home.
  • This special medical service is provided using a special mobile unit and treatment is provided by professional dentists equipped with the best state of the art equipment with which they can perform all required treatments, (including mobile x-rays).

Service Providers

Target audience and Prerequisites

  • Seniors and people who have disabilities that make them homebound.

Required Environmental Conditions for Treatment

  • The room in which the service is provided must be spacious and air-conditioned, and include:
    • A nearby sink
    • An electrical outlet
    • Sufficient lighting
    • A trash can
    • A table and chair

How to Receive This Service

Making an Appointment

  • Patients should call the organization's offices in order to make an appointment for an initial examination:
Tel: 1-700-50-24-24, 03-9564139, 03-9506552
Fax: 03-9506850
  • When making an appointment, the following personal information should be provided: Name, telephone number, address, physical/mental condition, age, and national ID (teudat zehut) number.
  • The date of the examination will be determined according to the patient's area of residence.


  • Payment details should be worked out prior to beginning treatment. If the patient is receiving outside funding, proper documentation must be presented.
  • Costs may be divided into 6 installments, and may be paid in cash, with a check, or with a credit card belonging to the patient or family member.


  • Prior to beginning treatment, the patient's national ID card (teudat zehut) must be presented, along with an up-to-date medical diagnosis.
  • The attending dentist will explain the treatment process to the patient and/or the person accompanying him/her.
  • A treatment plan and price quote will be given at the initial visit.
  • Scheduling of return visits will be done with the patient, the person accompanying him/her, or a legal guardian.

Service Cost

  • The services are provided according to prices established by the Ministry of Health for the needy.
  • The minimum payment for the initial visit is 100 NIS.

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