Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease that attacks the central nervous system, (meaning the brain and the spinal cord), and it constitutes the primary cause of neurological disability at a young age. MS affects women two to three times more frequently than men, and generally appears between the second and fifth decades of life.
The disease may initially appear in the form of sensory disorders such as feelings of "pins and needles", numbness, decreased sensation, abnormal sensations, muscle weakness, decreased vision, double vision, instability while walking, etc. The severity of the disease varies from patient to patient.

Medications and the Healthcare System


  • People with MS may be entitled to the following benefits from the National Insurance Institute based on their condition:
    • A Mobility Benefit includes a monetary benefit, special loan conditions for buying a car, and other benefits for those who have limited mobility.
    • Adults whose medical disability is established at least 60% (or at least 40% with one deficiency being at least 25%) and whose earning capacity has been impacted by at least 50% are entitled to a General Disability Pension. For more information, see: Disability Pension and Related Benefits.
    • Those who receive a General Disability Pension for whom medical disability of at least 60% has been established, or those for whom medical disability of at least 75% (with regard to special services) has been established even if they are not General Disability Pension recipients, may be entitled to a Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) if they require significant assistance performing daily activities and meet other conditions of eligibility.
    • Someone who has reached retirement age and is dependent on others in his day to day activity, may be eligible for a Long-Term Care Benefit in accordance to their income.


  • People with MS may be entitled to tax benefits, according to the established degree of disability and earning incapacity, such as:

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