People who have high medical expenses due to medical treatments of themselves or family members can submit a request for an arnona discount from their local authority ("request for a applicant who needs")
The local authority discount committee can use its discretion to grant discounts of up to 70%
For more information see chapters c and d of the The State Economy Arrangements Law (Arnona Discount)

People who have exceptionally high medical costs due to medical treatments (one time treatments or continuous ones) for themselves or family members may be able to get an arnona discount of up to 70%.

In many cases the local authorities approve arnona discounts for those who have high expenses from Fertility Treatments.

Who is Eligible?

  • People who have exceptionally high medical costs due to medical treatments, one time treatments or continuous ones, for themselves or family members (the law does not specify the amount the expenses are or an income test for these cases).

How to Claim It?

  • Contact the Division for collecting property tax in the local authority in which you live, and fill out an application form for a discount from municipal taxes to a property holder who is "needy".
  • Some of the local authority websites contain forms that can be downloaded and filled in advance, for example - the application form on the website of the Tel Aviv municipality.
  • Documents and proof of income of the applicant and those who reside with him in the apartment must be attached to the application form.
  • The application form shall be forwarded to the treasurer of the local authority and to the Director of the Welfare Department, who will attach his opinion and forward the request to the local authority's discount committee to make a decision.
  • Additional information or documents may be required from the applicant in order help a decision be made.
  • Based on the application form, the documents and the opinion, the discount committee will decide whether to approve the discount, and at what rate (up to a rate of 70%).
  • The Committee's decision will be given in writing, together with the reasons behind the decision.
  • A retroactive discount may be given by some of the local authorities, in accordance with the rules of each authority.

Please Note

  • There are no "double" discounts:
    • People who meet more than one of the circumstances that give them an arnona discount are entitled to get only one discount, the higher of the ones he/she is eligible for.
    • If two people living in the same property house/apartment) are both eligible for a discount, only one discount is given on the property.

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