Municipal Property Tax (Arnona) Discount for Cancer Patients (Right)

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Cancer patients may be eligible to receive a municipal property tax (Arnona) discount on the size of up to 100 square meters of their apartment
The local authorities are not obligated to give discounts
For more information, see the National Insurance Institute website

In accordance with the State Economic Arrangements Regulations (Municipal Property Tax Discount), the local agencies are permitted to grant municipal property tax discounts to various populations.

Who is eligible?

  • Cancer patients who are eligible for full disability benefits, (whose degree of disability has been established to be at least 75% by the National Insurance Institute), are eligible for a discount of up to 80%.
  • Those who are not eligible for a disability pension, but for whom medical disability has been established by the National Insurance Institute to be 90% or more will be eligible for a discount of up to 40%.
  • Parents of a child receiving a Disabled Child Benefit from the National Insurance Institute are also entitled to a discount of up to 33%.
  • There are municipalities that also grant a discount to those receiving a Long-Term Care Benefit from the National Insurance Institute.


How to claim it?

  • Contact the municipality/local authority with documentation of disability from the National Insurance Institute or the Income Tax Authority.
  • Each local authority has its own application form for municipal property tax discounts. It is recommended to check the website of the local authority, as some municipality websites have forms that can be downloaded and filled out in advance, for example: Request form from the Tel Aviv municipality.
  • Those who are not entitled to a disability pension may apply to the exceptions committee to receive a municipal property tax discount due to exceptional medical expenses.
  • Applicants must contact the office responsible for special discounts in the municipal/local authority in which they live, and be prepared with the appropriate documentation.

Please note

  • Note that local authorities sometimes add additional restrictions before granting a discount. For example, discounts are only given to those who do not have another property.
  • When requesting a discount retroactively (at the end of the fiscal year in which medical disability was established), it is often necessary to contact the local authority's exceptions committee. If the local authority refuses the request, you should not be satisfied with this answer, and should seek legal advice.
  • Due to the fact that eligibility for a disability pension from the National Insurance Institute starts 90 days after the "determining date" (the date on which your illness/injury caused you to be unable to earn a living), it is important to remember that during this period you can get the lower discount, to which those with medical disability who do not receive a disability pension are entitled.
A person who is entitled to a disability pension from August 1, will be entitled to a discount of up to 80% from that date. If medical disability of 90% or more was determined prior, he/she will be entitled to a discount of up to 40% from the date the disability was determined until the start of disability pension eligibility.

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