Old Age Disability Pension recipients are entitled to a municipal property tax (arnona) discount of up to 100%
The discount is for up to 100 square meters of the property area
For further information on Municipal Property Taxes see the Ministry of the Interior's website

According to section 1 of the Regulations for Senior Citizens, those who receive the old age disability pension, are eligible for a municipal property tax discount the same way they are eligible for other additional payments. Accordingly they are eligible for a discount of up to 100% on a property of 100 square meters (in accordance of section 9 of the Senior Citizens Law).

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Contact the tax collection department in the local authority in which you live, and fill out the municipal property tax (arnona) discount request form.
  • Some municipality websites have forms that can be downloaded and filled out in advance. Click here for a sample request form from the Tel Aviv municipality.
  • Updated documentation from the National Insurance Institute indicating receipt of a pension must be attached.
  • Retroactive discounts are given in certain areas in accordance with the specific municipality regulations.

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