Parents of a disabled child who receives a Disabled Child Benefit are entitled to a discount of up to 33% off municipal property taxes (arnona) for an area of 100 square meters of their residence
Parents of, adult children that live at home and are receiving a General Disability Pension, are also entitled to the discount, provided that they previously received the Disabled Child Benefit for that child.
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Parents of a child receiving a Disabled Child Benefit are entitled to a municipal property tax (arnona) discount.

  • Parents of an adult living at home who receives a General Disability Pension, and had previously received a disabled child benefit are also entitled to the discount.
  • The extent of the discount is subject to a decision by the local authority and may vary depending on the local authority.
  • The maximum discount for a child with a disability is 33% for an area of 100 square meters.

Who is eligible?

How to claim it?

  • Contact the tax collection department in the local authority in which you live, and fill out the municipal property tax (arnona) discount request form.
  • Some municipality websites have forms that can be downloaded and filled out in advance. Click here for a sample request form from the Tel Aviv municipality.
  • Updated documentation from the National Insurance Institute indicating receipt of a disability benefit must be attached:
    • For a child - Documentation confirming Disabled Child Benefit eligibility
    • For an adult - Documentation confirming that a permanent degree of earning incapacity has been established as 75% or more and that the applicant is entitled to a full monthly pension
  • Foster families must provide the following documentation along with their forms:
  1. Documentation indicating that the foster family are the property-holders
  2. Documentation indicating that the family is a foster family for the child
  3. Documentation from the National Insurance Institute indicating entitlement for a Disabled Child Benefit
  • Some municipalities will give the discount retroactively in accordance with the rules that each area has established for themselves

Please note

  • Parents may apply for a greater discount (up to 70%) on the basis of "need":
    • The application can be submitted if exceptional expenses were incurred, particularly due to one-time or continuous medical treatment, or if an event occurred that led to a significant and unexpected deterioration in applicant's the financial situation.
    • Eligibility is determined in this case according to the income test and the number of persons in the household. The disability benefit to which the child is entitled shall not be calculated in the income test.
  • Parents of a child who receives a Mobility Benefit but not a Disabled Child Benefit are not eligible to receive the discount and can apply for a discount to the local authority's exceptions committee.

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