Every newborn born in a hospital undergoes a test to identify hearing disorders
The test is performed after birth before release from the hospital
The tests are performed free of charge
For more information see the Kol HaBriut website of Ministry of Health

Neonatal hearing screenings are intended to identify hearing disorders in newborns and treat them as early as possible. The screening is composed of two tests:

  1. The first test is performed on all newborns.
  2. The second test is performed only on newborns who have exhibited an abnormal response to the first test twice.

Who is Eligible?

  • All newborns born in a hospital or brought to one and hospitalized shortly after birth, including newborns with risk factors for deafness.

How to Claim It?

  • A parent should be invited to be present with the newborn for the test during the hospitalization following birth.
  • If the testing was not performed during the hospitalization, the maternity ward should be contacted to arrange a test.

When is the Test Performed?

  • The test is performed during the hospitalization after birth and before the newborn is released from the hospital.

Who Performs the Test?

  • The test must be overseen (but not necessarily performed) by a professional communications clinician at the hospital with at least 3 years of experience performing hearing tests on children.

Informing the Parents

  • Information regarding the performance of a hearing screening must be given to the parents during pregnancy, during birth registration, and immediately after birth.
  • During the hospital admission process, written information regarding the test and its importance must be given in writing to the parents.

Abnormal Results

  • Newborns who exhibit an abnormal response will be referred to the attending physician, who will ensure that continued hearing diagnostics are performed under the auspices of the health plan to which the family belongs.

Please Note

  • As of 01.01.2010, payment for the hearing screening is included in the hospitalization grant paid by the National Insurance Institute to the hospital.

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