Parents are the natural guardians of their children under the age of 18 and are entitled to receive medical information about them
For more information see Patient's Right's Law

According to clause 18 of Patient's Rights Act, patients are entitled to receive medical information from their doctor or from the medical records.

Disclosing a Minor's Medical Information to Parents Separately

Medical Information Regarding a Minor that Does Not Require Disclosure to Parents

  • The following laws give minors the right to keep information regarding medical care from their parents:
  1. The Detection of the AIDS Virus in Minors Law, 5756-1996 enables minors over the age of 14 (and in some circumstances younger than 14) to have an HIV/AIDS test performed without their parents' knowledge, and without disclosing information regarding the test results to the parents if the minor does not wish to do so. Social services workers are involved in this process. Juvenile courts have the authority to require disclosure of positive test results to parents, even if the minor is opposed. For more information, see: HIV/AIDS Testing for a Minor without Parental Consent.
  2. According to The Penal Law, parental consent is not required for a minor to have an abortion, and therefore information about the performance of an abortion is not disclosed to the parents if the minor does not wish to do so.

Medical Information Regarding a Minor who's Parent have been Convicted or Accused of Committing a Sex Crime Against Them

  • If one of the parents is convicted of sexual or violent crime against a child, or is being tried for a criminal offense because of this, the child has the right to keep the parent out of his/her medical treatment such that information regarding the child's health care will not be given to this parent and the parent's consent will not be required for the child's medical care.
  • The parent may apply to the Family Court, to request that his/her consent be required in order to treat their child and to receive information about the child's health care. The court will require special circumstances to grant the request of the parent.

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