The health plans are not obligated to provide specific drugs produced by specific manufacturers; when relevant, they are only required to provide drugs with an identical active ingredient as those that are included in the healthcare basket
Policyholders may switch to a health plan that provides a specific generic drug, or they may try and make their health plan provide a specific generic drug by contacting the Commissioner

In the event that a drug is included in the healthcare basket the health plans are not obligated to provide the policy holder with a specific drug produced by a specific manufacturer (brand-name drugs). They are only obligated to provide a drug with an identical active ingredient (generic drugs).

  • Generic drugs are different than brand-name drugs, which are originally developed by the manufacturer and are patent-protected.
  • After a brand-name drug's patent protection expires, other companies may manufacture copies of the drug.
  • These copies are called generic drugs and have the same active ingredient and are less expensive then the brand-name version.
  • Even if drugs are identical, patients sometimes complain about differences between one generic drug and another.
  • In such cases, if a patient took a specific generic drug and the health plan replaced it with a different generic drug, the policyholder may claim that the health plan is obligated to continue providing the original generic drug due to the Principle of Treatment Continuity.

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  • There are differences between the health plans regarding which generic drugs are provided. Accordingly, policyholders interested in a specific generic drug may check which health plans provide it. Policyholders may switch health plans if the drug is available through another plan. For more information, see: Switching Health Plans.

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