This portal contains information regarding the various benefits to which Old Age Pension (senior citizen pension) recipients are eligible, as well as the additional benefits to which those receiving an Old Age Pension with income supplement are eligible.

The Old Age Pension consists of a basic payment which is the same for all recipients, as well as supplements that vary depending on the number of years the recipient was covered by National Insurance, and if additional family members live with the recipient. If the relevant conditions are met, there is also an income supplement for needy recipients. Contingent on income level, the pension may already be claimed upon reaching retirement age (62 for women, 67 for men). Nonetheless, there is an age of absolute eligibility in which the pension is given regardless of other income.

It is recommended to look at the rights of the old age pension that consolidates the important information and has a list of questions and answers related to receiving the benefit.

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Government Agency Website Rights and Areas of Responsibility
*8840 Ministry for Social Equality - Hotline for Public Inquiries Ministry for Social Equality website The ‎*8840 hotline run by the Ministry for Social Equality gives the elderly a central address to direct all of their questions, provide information regarding rights, services and benefits entitled to the elderly. It also helps them actualize these rights.
*6050 hotlines - The National Insurance Institute Senior Citizens' Rights on the National Insurance Institute's website. Rights to various allowances given based on age and economic situation.
*9696 hotline - The National Insurance Institute's Call Center for Senior Citizen Counseling Services Senior Citizens' Rights on the National Insurance Institute's website. Free aid provided through counseling services for senior citizens and the call center
The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

Shil - Citizens Advice Service hotline - 118

Senior Citizens on the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services website Funding of Nursing Homes for independent and frail seniors. Various services are also provided within the community.
The Ministry of Health

*5400 "Kol HaBriut" Ministry of Health Hotline

Senior Health on the Ministry of Health website. Health Insurance and assistance for those suffering from age related health problems.
*5442 The Ministry of Housing and Construction Call Center The Ministry of Construction and Housing website Housing Assistance and Problem Solving for Senior Citizens
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission- 02-6662701 Equal Employment Opportunities Commission website] The commission responsible for enforcing equality in the workplace and for handling cases of prohibited discrimination.
The Population and Immigration Authority - *3450 Population and Immigration Authority website Treatment of foreign workers, responsible for giving permits for the employment of foreign workers, managing the financial deposits that employers of foreign workers are required to deposit, oversight of the entrance and exit of foreign workers into Israel, issuing a death certificate, and updating the Population authority.

Court Rulings

Laws & Regulations