This portal was created to provide information relevant to Operation Pillar of Defense, which took place in November 2012. Some links are no longer active.

The current period of fighting in the South and Center of the country (Operation Pillar of Defense) affects a large segment of the Israeli population. You may find yourself in this type of emergency situation for the first time in your life.

In this portal, we have aimed to concentrate a large amount of relevant materials relating to rights, available services and emergency information that is crucial at this time.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, many of the links in this portal lead to Hebrew pages or websites. Nevertheless, here are a few helpful English resources for this time of crisis:

Please note: The ongoing events cause frequent changes in terms of updating information. We invite anyone with updated information or resources to update us both online - by clicking "Change Proposal" and by directly emailing information to with "English: Operation Pillar of Defense - Emergency Portal" in the subject line.

It is also recommended to stay updated on the Home Front Command's directions by visiting the Home Front Command's website at least once daily.

This emergency portal has been translated by The Shira Pransky Project.

Shock and Trauma Victims

Assistance Centers

The National Insurance Institute

  • The National Insurance Institute - List of branches and call centers
  • People injured by a hostile act who are being treated by the Rehabilitation Department and who require assistance are invited to either contact their local Rehabilitation Department office directly or call 02-6709743 between the hours of 09:00-15:00.

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Additional publications

From the press