The deaf and hearing impaired are entitled, according to specific conditions of eligibility, to receive a free pager for emergency situations
It is recommended to check that the beeper works properly when you get it and once a day
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services distributes pagers to the deaf and hearing impaired so that they can receive vibrating and written alerts in real time when an emergency siren goes off.
  • The pagers are given for free to those meeting the conditions detailed below.

Who is Eligible?

  • People who are deaf or hearing impaired and meet both of the following criteria:
  1. They are older than 12 years old.
  2. They have hearing impairment of at least 50 dB in the better ear.

How to Claim It?

Submitting a Request to Receive a Pager

  • A Request to Receive an Emergency Pager must be filled out.
  • Make sure that the form is completely filled out and that the confidentiality wavier is signed.
  • The following documents should be attached to the request form:
    • A copy of the applicant's ID card (teudat zehut). If the applicant is under age 16 a copy of one of the parent's ID cards and attachment (safach) confirming the child's age and place of residence must also be attached.
    • Hearing test results. Those who are eligible for communication support services are not required to send hearing test results.
  • The form, copy of the ID and the hearing test should be sent to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' Rehabilitation Branch. Fax - 02-5085112 .
  • Additional contact information for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services:

Receiving the Pager

  • After eligibility is checked and the applicant is found to meet the necessary conditions, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services will send a letter of approval to the applicant.
  • In order to actually get the the pager, the applicant must contact the beeper company and arrange and time and location to receive the pager:
  • It is important to verify that the pager is programmed in accordance with the recipient's place of residence and place of work or studies.
  • If the applicant has an old pager, he/she should bring it, to exchange, when receiving the new pager.

Loss or Damage of the Pager

  • Receiving a free pager is a one time benefit (however one can upgrade from an old device to a newer one, free of charge).
  • Someone who received a pager in the past and lost it is required to pay for the purchase of a new device.
  • The warranty on the device is only for certain parts and simple repairs.
  • In a case that a device is broken or soaked, and can not be repaired, the recipient has to pay for the cost of a new device.
  • In the event that the pager stops working:
    • Contact the beeper company and note the person's account number and the model number of the device.
    • In a case where the beeper is an old model, the person can receive a new pager.
    • In a case that the device is still in effect, checking the device is free of charge.
    • If the device needs to be fixed, the customer is responsible for paying the repair fees (the maximum repair fee is 280 NIS per device).

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