Special education students are entitled to receive paramedical treatments within their respective educational frameworks.
Receiving paramedical treatments as part of their special education framework, does not make students ineligible to receive them from their health fund as well. The health fund is entitled to take the special education treatments into account in determining the number and type of treatments it will provide.
For more information see the Ministry of Education's Director's Circular.

According to The Special Education Law, paramedical treatments are included as part of the ancillary services provided to students learning in the special education system.

  • Paramedical treatments include: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, drama therapy and bibliotherapy.
  • The types of therapy, the framework (individual or group), and the number of weekly hours that are to be provided are determined by the educational institution's multidisciplinary professional staff as part of each student's personalized curriculum (TALA).

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  • Receiving paramedical treatments in the special education framework, does not automatically make students ineligible to receive treatments from their health fund as well.
    • A health fund is not entitled to remove itself from the needs of someone being treated through the special education system, is not entitled to refer the student to special education system for the receipt of paramedical treatments, is not entitled to condition the provision of services on the entitlement under the Special Education Law and may not determine not to provide paramedical treatments to someone just because they are receiving or should be receiving them in special education framework.
    • However, when exercising discretion to determine the medical treatment required for the student, the attending doctor may also take into account the paramedical treatments the student receives through the special education system in order to make an optimal professional decision on the type of treatments to be provided.

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