A patient who needs psychiatric hospitalization has the right to choose the hospital, according to certain conditions, and he/she is not limited by location
The choice is not given in cases or forced or a specific psychiatric hospitalization
The request should be honored so long as the hospital does not exceed more than 95% of its bed capacity at the request time
For more information see the choice of hospitalization in mental health care regulation from 02.11.2014

As of November 2014, a patient who needs psychiatric hospitalization may choose the hospital in which he wishes to be admitted, irrespective of the regional affiliation determined by his place of residence, according to the conditions detailed below.

  • The request should be honored so long as the hospital does not exceed more than 95% of its bed capacity at the request time.
  • You can check the occupancy status of the psychiatric hospitals on the Ministry of Health website.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • It is recommended to check the desired hospital's current occupancy status (the updated information can be found on the Ministry of Health website.
  • When a patient is referred to the emergency room of a hospital (including a patient who is outside the hospital area defined by his place of residence), the patient's medical condition will be examined and evaluated and the need for hospitalization and the level of risk to himself and his environment will be assessed.
  • In the event that justification for hospitalization is found, and hospital bed occupancy does not exceed 95%, the patient will be hospitalized.
  • A patient who is admitted to a hospital will complete the entire period of his hospitalization in that hospital.

Switching to a different hospital

  • If the occupancy rate in the hospital exceeds 95%, the patient must be moved to another hospital:
    • A patient with a low risk level will be instructed to go to a hospital to which he is connected to based on his place of residence.
    • A patient with a high or moderate risk level will be transferred by the hospital accompanied based on the level determined necessary by a doctor's examination.
      • The transfer of the patient between the hospitals will be carried out according to professional judgment, taking into consideration the number of personnel of the hospital and the time of referral, and in accordance with hospital resources.
      • In the event that it is not possible to perform an orderly transfer immediately, the patient must be admitted to the hospital and his transfer arranged for the following day.
  • In other situations, the transfer of a patient between hospitals is done according to the guidelines listed in section 32 of the Mental Health Care treatment law. For more information see Transferring a mental health patient to a different hospital based on the patient's request.


Please Note

  • In addition to the rules detailed above, it is possible for individual patients to be hospitalized outside of their region, when there are exceptional personal circumstances that justify this or in certain other cases.
  • Hospitalization of patients in these cases is subject to the approval of the director (director or deputy director of a psychiatric hospital or director of the psychiatric ward in a general hospital with psychiatric hospitalization departments) or with the approval of the district psychiatrist or his deputy.

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