Survivors of someone who died and had not collected the full Old Age Pension to which he/she was entitled, may receive the balance of this Old Age Pension

The survivors of an individual who did not fully collect the Old Age Pension for which he/she was eligible, are entitled to receive the amount of the pension to which the individual was entitled and did not collect (without an income supplement).

  • If the deceased had no survivors, the uncollected pension amount can be paid to someone who can prove that he/she provided goods or essential services to the deceased in the last year of his/her life and was not paid for them. This payment amount may be no more than the total pension amount for the last 6 months prior to the death of the deceased.

Who is Eligible?

  • Survivors of an Old Age Pension recipient (widow, widower, or orphans) who are entitled to survivors' benefits
  • Someone who provided the deceased with goods or other essential services in the past year provided that:
  • The deceased had no survivors
  • The claimant is able to prove that the deceased had not paid him/her for the goods or services that were provided

How to Claim It?

Please Note

  • An Old Age Pension is not inheritable. The National Insurance Institute only pays survivors the pension amounts to which the deceased was entitled, and which were not claimed while he/she was alive.

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