People with disabilities are entitled to a life of dignity, health and equality. Here are the rights everyone should know about

Living with disabilities should not have to come with exclusion from society, humiliation and suffering. Our society is measured by its ability to accommodate everyone. We must ensure accessibility, special accommodations, integration of people with disabilities into the employment sphere, equal education and more. In this portal you will find all the rights that are important to know if you are a person with disabilities or if you live with a person with disabilities. These pages are relevant for all ages - from birth through old age. Please note: The information is divided according to different aspects in life, as well as by different types of disabilities: Areas of Life: Divided according to different areas including transportation, employment, accessibility, education, military, etc. Types of Disabilities: Divided according to different types of disabilities including developmental, emotional, chronic, sensory, etc.

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Court Rulings

  • For rulings on the topic of people with disabilities, see here.
  • For rulings on the topic of the National Insurance Institute's Medical Committees see here

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