A pregnant woman is entitled to receive public services without waiting online
An Individual with Intellectual or Mental Disabilities or with Autism or a senior citizen above age 80 who are entitled to public services without waiting will receive priority over a pregnant woman
For more information see section 6e of The Women's Equal Rights Law

A pregnant woman is entitled to receive public services without waiting in line.

  • A public service is any service provided to the public or a part of the public, face to face, by a public authority or in a public place.
  • The right is not applicable in the following situations:
    • An appointment for medical treatment.
    • When you are waiting on line in a line of cars (for example cars waiting to enter a park or gas station).
    • When an appointment can be made in advance.

Authorities considered to be "Public Authorities"

  • A government office.
  • A city municipality or local council.
  • A corporation established by a law, such as: The National Insurance Institute, Yad Va'shem, Yad Yitzchak Ben Tzvi, The Israel Broadcasting Corporation, The Public Parks Authority.
  • A government company, a mixed ownership corporation and a government subsidiary such as: The Israel Electric Company, Israel Railways, Beit Hatfutsot and The Israel Museum.
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Health Plans - Community Medicine (Kupot Cholim)
  • Any body controlled such as a factory, institution, fund or other body supported directly or indirectly by the government.

Places considered to be "Public Places"

  • Banks, post offices.
  • Movie theaters, theaters, halls, stadiums.
  • Galleries, museums, libraries.
  • Places where public transportation tickets are sold.
  • Memorial site, national parks and nature reserves.
  • Large supermarkets (with sales area of at least 250 meters).

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • The right should be given upon the woman's request.
  • The service provider is permitted to ask the woman to show documents proving that she is pregnant before granting her the right.
  • If this right is violated, the woman may submit a complaint to the relevant authority. For more information see Complaints and Appeals.

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