Everything you need to know about private health insurance, from purchasing it to using it

Many Israelis today purchase private health insurance in addition to state health insurance and supplementary insurance, in case they need special medical treatments, medications that are not in the basket of medicines, surgery abroad, etc.

When purchasing an insurance policy, relations are established between the policyholder and the insurance company. This is a contract between two parties, but it is not unregulated - the "Insurance Contract Law" requires that the policy comply with certain conditions specified in this portal. Here you will find answers to questions about using private insurance for things such as dental treatments, surgeries, transplants, medical procedures abroad, etc., as well as the process of purchasing a policy, payment of insurance fees, cancellation of the contract, etc.

Please note: Before you purchase private health insurance, you should check your National Health Insurance and Supplemental Insurance coverage (if you have one) to avoid duplication. The comparison can be done on the Har HaBituach website.

Types of Private Health Insurance

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