The Ministry of Construction and Housing buys apartments (procurement apartments - Nechsai Rechisha - NR) for wheelchair bound disabled persons who are eligible for a public housing in settlements where there is a shortage of available accessible apartments.
If an eligible person has received, prior to the realization of the entitlement, four offers for suitable apartments in Public Housing and he/she has refused the offers - he/she will loose entitlement to an procurement apartment (NR).
Eligible persons are responsible for locating an Eligible Apartment which may Serve as an Procurement Apartment (NR) and the Ministry of Housing is responsible for checking out the apartment and for its purchase
For more information see Guidelines for Property Procurement and Guidelines for the Allocation of Public Housing on the Ministry of Construction and Housing website

The Ministry of Construction and Housing buys apartments for wheelchair bound disabled persons who are not invalids, who are eligible for a public housing apartment in settlements where there is a shortage of vacant apartments.

  • The apartments bought for habitation by eligible persons are called property procurement apartments (Dirot Nechsay Rechisha - NR) and after their purchase they belong to the stock of apartments of public housing.

Who is Eligible?

  • A homeless person, who is wheelchair bound and who meets the following 3 conditions:
    1. He/she has confirmation from the Ministry of Health's Medical Committee for Determining Limited Mobility that he/she is permanently 100% wheelchair bound.
    2. According to a medical opinion from the Ministry of Construction and Housing they must live on the ground floor.
    3. His/her income is not greater than the average wage.
  • Disabled persons who are wheelchair bound and who already live in public housing but the apartment in which they live is inaccessible for a wheelchair and cannot be made accessible by a wheelchair lift/ramp and/or expansion of openings in the apartment.
  • In the case of new immigrants (olim), the determining of eligibility will be the responsibility of the The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption.

Who is not Eligible?

  • A person who has received four offers for suitable apartments in Public Housing and has refused the offers - will loose entitlement to an procurement apartment (NR).

How to Claim It?

  • An application for approval of eligibility for an procurement apartment (NR) must be filed.
  • After approval of eligibility, the process is comprised of three stages: the locating of apartments, the checking of apartments and the purchase of apartments.

Submitting of the Application

  • Medical documents must be filed proving the condition of the eligible person with the in the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
  • The documents will be transferred for the receiving of an opinion from the medical committee on behalf of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and to determine whether this is a case of a need for nursing support of an invalid and whether it is essential to live in a ground floor apartment.
  • In cases where the eligibility is for a wheelchair bound child, the applicant must add:
    1. A social welfare report including reference to the family’s ability to take care of the child on the long term.
    2. Confirmation that the child’s educational framework does not include a residential component.

Locating of an procurement apartment (NR)

  • Immediately after approval of eligibility the Ministry of Construction and Housing will send the eligible person an explanatory page regarding the program and the terms for its realization.
  • Furthermore, a procurement apartment (NR) eligible person will receive the following forms:
  • Locating of an apartment will be done by the eligible parties and at their responsibility.
  • Eligible persons will be given a period of 120 days during the course of which they can locate a suitable apartment and submit an offer for purchase with the Ministry.
  • For more information on a suitable apartment for use as an procurement apartment (NR) see - An Apartment Eligible to Serve as a Procurement Apartment (NR).
  • If, at the end of the period no suitable apartment has been located it is recommended to contact the Ministry of Construction and Housing and to request an extension of time.
  • After locating a suitable apartment, the eligible parties will sign on an undertaking to live in the apartment which has been located if it is purchased for them.
  • In every district there is a civil servant who handles the work on those eligible for procurement apartments (NR), answers their questions, provides guidance, takes in suggestions, orders the services of assessors and engineers.

Inspection of Procurement Apartments

  • In order for it to be possible to purchase the apartment, the apartment must meet all the following conditions:
    • Confirmation from an occupational therapist that the apartment is accessible or can be made accessible.
    • An assessor’s evaluation according to which the value of the apartment is not less than the requested price.
    • The requested apartment price cannot be higher than the ceiling price set for the eligible applicant.
    • An engineer’s certificate stating that the apartment is suitable for habitation and that its engineering - maintenance state is “reasonable” (“an apartment in a reasonable engineering - maintenance state” is an apartment whose physical state accords with that of a public housing apartment after renovation for purposes of habitation. I.E. there are no items missing in the apartment and there is no defect which interferes with the reasonable use of one or more of the following items: doors, windows, shutters, water infrastructure, sewerage and electricity, sanitary ware, kitchen closets, flooring, roof and wall sealing (weatherproofing), safety).

Purchase of Procurement Apartments (NR)

  • The procedure for the purchasing of an apartment includes negotiations and signing on a contract with the apartment owner, signing on a document of transfer of property, the registration of rights in an apartment in the name of the State and its transfer to the housing company.

Order of preference for the purchase of a procurement apartment (NR)

  • The realization of the eligibility to purchase a procurement apartment (NR) is subject to budgetary restrictions and in accordance with the following order of preference:
    • First preference - eligibility of those who are wheelchair bound to motorized wheelchairs, in accordance with the approval of the Ministry of Health. These disabled persons will receive preference for the purchase of an apartment for them over other eligible persons who are wheelchair bound.
    • Second preference - families with disabled persons who are wheelchair bound. In these cases, preference will be given to those families with the largest number of children.
    • Third preference - individuals who are wheelchair bound - in these cases, preference will be given in accordance with the length of waiting time of the eligible party for the apartment.

List of Settlements in which there are Procurement Apartments (NR) and Housing Companies

Settlement Housing Company
Ashdod Amigur
Bnei Brak Amidar
Bat Yam Amidar
Givatayim Amidar
Gedera Amidar
Hod Hasharon Amidar
Herzliya Amidar
Holon Amidar
Yavneh Amidar
Kfar Saba Amidar
Lod Amidar
Netanya Amidar
Kiryat Onno Amidar
Nes Ziona Amidar
Rishon Le Zion Amidar
Rehovot Amidar
Ramleh Amidar
Ramat Gan Amidar
Raanana Amidar
Tel Aviv Yafo Amidar
Petach Tiqwa Amidar
Ashqelon Amidar
Jerusalem Amidar
Haifa Amidar
Kiryat Atta Amidar
Kiriat Bialik Amidar
Kiriat Yam Amidar
Kiryat Motzkin Amidar

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