Those insured by the Kupot Cholim are entitled to psychotherapy treatment as part of The Healthcare Basket
The treatments are given free of charge, or in certain situations (detailed below) with a co-payment
For more information see the question/answer section regarding the mental health reform on the Ministry of Health website

The Kuport Cholim are responsible for providing psychotherapy treatment and it is included in the healthcare basket.

Who is Eligible?

  • Insured individuals whose mental health situation require treatment.

How to Claim It?

  • You can reach the clinic via a family doctor or through the Kupat Cholim call center. It is recommended to contact the clinic close to where you live.
  • Click here for a list of mental health clinics on the Ministry of Health website.


  • According to the Ministry of Health circular from 18.05.2015, mental health services are provided free of charge, except for in the following cases where co-payments are required:
    • A visit to a psychiatrist has the same kupat cholim payment policy as a visit to a secondary care doctor (one payment every 3 months).
    • A visit to a general hospital psychiatric outpatient clinic has the same kupat cholim payment policy as visiting an outpatient clinic (one payment every 3 months).
    • For psychotherapy treatments given by independent therapists (including psychiatrists) the cost is based on the rates established for these services by the Kupot Cholim, up to the maximum established deductible amount (which is changed from time to time). The maximum deductible amounts beginning 18.07.2016 (and correct through April 2017) are:
      • For the first treatment: 57 NIS
      • After the first treatment: 136 NIS
      • For group therapy: 62 NIS
    • Discounts, exemptions, and rules that apply to these collection plans are the same as the ones regarding the deductible to see a secondary care doctor and an outpatient clinics in the field of psychiatry.
    • Check with the Kupat Cholim is you need a referral or guarantee (tofes 17) form.
    • For more information regarding payment for various insurances in the kupot cholim, see the Ministry of Health website

Please Note

  • In cases where the psychotherapy is provided in mental health clinics, as part of the clinical services, the treatments can only be performed by the following professionals:
    • A psychiatrist or doctor in a recognized internship program.
    • A clinical psychologist or psychologist in a recognized field of clinical psychology.
    • A social worker certified as a mental health practitioner or a social worker in a recognized mental health specialization program.
    • For more information, see Mental Health Care in the Kupot Cholim
  • People suffering from mental issues due to illness or physical disability are entitled to psychological treatment and diagnosis from rehabilitative or medical psychologists.

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